Awesome SDS Slideshow!

This video/slideshow has been created for the upcoming Third Students for a Democratic Society National Convention coming up in College Park, Maryland, July 24-27. The slideshow reviews the past year of organizing and activism from the biggest and most dynamic national student organization in the U.S. since the original SDS of the 1960s. Now SDS is a major force, a multi-issue network composed of every Left ideological shade, from communists to anarchists to social-democrats and left-liberals, united under a banner of anti-imperialist activism and participatory democracy. SDS has led local militant actions and huge nationally coordinated actions. It is hard to believe that SDS has come so far and grown so much since the first National Convention in Chicago back in 2006. I’ve been to the 2006 (Chicago) and 2007 (Detroit) national conventions and I’m looking forward to going to this one as well!



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