Red Star: Maoist leads from top of the world

The following is an article from the newest issue of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) paper, Red Star, “Maoist leads from top of the world“. This issue, following directly upon the election of the CPN-Maoist chairman, Prachanda, to the post of Prime Minister, is very important. I highly reccomend people also read the many important articles in this issue to better appraise the current situation in Nepal, in particular “Present situation and our challenges“. A good summation of the history of this revolution up until very recently is the pamphlet released by Freedom Road Socialist Organization, “Revolution at the Roof of the World“. This pamphlet is available as a screen viewable and printable pdf and a pamplet layout pdf. Check out my recent post, A Closer Look at Nepal’s New Democratic Revolution.

Maoist leads from top of the world

Cover of the new issue of "The Red Star"

Cover of the new issue of "The Red Star"

After waging a 10 year long armed struggle, and after a stunning victory in the Constituent Assembly election, the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist hoisted the red flag on top of the world. Puspa Kamal Dahal, aka ‘Prachanda’, the Chairman of CPN-Maoist, has been elected as the first Prime Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, and he is set to lead the government. With 464 votes out of 577, Prachanda leaves his rival Nepali Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba far behind with 113 votes.

Born in a poor farmer’s family 54 years ago in Kaski, Prachanda was the leader of the 10 year long People’s War and the Supreme Commander of People’s Liberation Army. Prachanda was the common Prime Ministerial candidate of the CPN-Maoist, the CPN-UML and the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF); 21 out of the 25 parties in the CA supported him. Although the Maoist attempt to form a government on national consensus failed because of the Nepali Congress; more than 80 percent of the vote went for a government led by Prachanda; it is significant for a government of national consensus.

The victory of the Maoist leader for the post of Prime Minister and the new government under the leadership of the CPN-M has brought great happiness and hope to the majority of the people in Nepal. Nepal suffers from anarchy, food shortage, inflation, and a fuel crisis. There is much hope among the people in the victory of a revolutionary leader who has been involved in politics for 37 years.

The new government has been formed exactly four months after the completion of the Constituent Assembly election. During this period, the CPN-M fought an intense table war with other parties, especially with the Nepal Congress. The Maoist attempt to form a government of national consensus under its leadership failed, and the parties agreed to choose a PM through getting a majority in the CA. The NC tried to form a government under its leadership, by trying to convince the UML and MJF. However, at the last stage, the Maoist got their support, and not the NC. Sixteen small parties who are represented in the CA due to the proportional system supported the Maoist unanimously.

Chairman Prachanda, after taking an oath of office from President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, will form the cabinet immediately and declare the Common Minimum Programme immediately. the CPN-M is taking nine ministries, whereas the UML will get six and the MJF four. Four other smaller parties will get one each.

The United Nations, the European Union, India, and various other countries have sent messages of congratulations to Prachanda on being elected the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Nepal. They have expressed their happiness and wishes that the new government will be able to deliver to the people; to meet their expectations and take the peace process forward. Likewise, the various revolutionary and communist parties and organisations have sent their best wishes and congratulations on the victory of the CPN-M. Here in Nepal, various political parties, organisations and people have congratulated Prachanda and the CPN-M.

Before being elected Prime Minister, Chairman Prachanda declared he is to step down as chief of People’s Liberation Army. He was the supreme commander since the establishment of the PLA in 2001. Along with him, other CA members who also hold positions in the PLA will step down from their PLA posts. Furthermore, he has said that the party will implement the agreements made with other political parties in the past.

The CPN-M has achieved a great victory with the trust and hope of the majority of the people of Nepal. Furthermore, the people who desire justice are happy with this result. However, the CPN-M has many challenges in the road ahead. A big danger ahead is that the party may lose the way after the high expectations of the people in the CPN-Maoist. The people are suffering a great deal in Nepal. However, the Maoists reached this situation after overcoming many challenges, and they should work hard for the improvement of the people and nation. The People have chosen the Maoist with the hope that they can solve the problems. The future of Nepal depends upon the Maoist.

The Central Committee meeting of the CPN-M, before the CA election, has proposed its CM as the first President of the Republic of Nepal. A slogan on the walls in Kathmandu and all over Nepal reads ‘We salute Com. Prachanda, the first President of the Republic of Nepal’. Although Prachanda did not become the first President, he did become the first Prime Minister. The Maoist election slogan was a ‘New leadership for a New Nepal.’ The nation now has the new leadership it so desperately needs, and the people eagerly want a New Nepal, a better and progressive Nepal that can be an example to the whole world.


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