What is the Employee Free Choice Act?

What does the boss think of the Employee Free Choice Act? 

What do the workers think of the Employee Free Choice Act?


The Employee Free Choice Act is an important reform that could drastically change conditions to make them more favorable for labor organizing and building the class struggle. The EFCA can help do this by strengthening penalties against employers who break the law and thereby helping to stop employers from using attacks against pro-union workers to keep unions out. If passed, it can also speed up the process through which workers can get a contract and allow workers to form unions through majority sign-up.

Learn more about the Employee Free Choice Act and sign the petition!

Check out the AFL-CIO’s Ten Key Facts about the the Employee Free Choice Act.

McCain Voted Against the Employee Free Choice Act but for a National ‘Right to Work’ for Less Law. McCain voted against the Employee Free Choice Act, which would level the playing field for workers trying to form unions. He voted for a national “right to work” for less law that would attempt to eliminate unions altogether. (H.R. 800, Vote 227, 6/26/07; S. 1788 Vote 188, 7/10/96)


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