CMKP Lashes U.S. Gunboat Diplomacy

The following statement has been issued by the Central Secretariat of the Communist Mazdoor Kissaan Party Pakistan (Communist Workers Peasants Party – CMKP) on the American or NATO military incursions into the sovereign territory of Pakistan. I am reposting this from Red Diary.

Theory of Communism, a solution to the Capitalist system! - CMKP

Theory of Communism, a solution to the Capitalist system! - CMKP

Increasing horrendous and horrifying wanton American military intrusions into the sovereign Pakistani territory smack of imperialist gunboat diplomacy for US hegemony in the region in order to perpetuate its military occupation of Afghanistan where the NATO forces or US-led coalition soldiers have actually failed to subdue the indigenous resistance in whatever form that is another issue. The crux of the matter is foreign invasion and military occupation of Afghanistan that was an independent and sovereign country which has been enslaved by the US imperialism. US off and on military incursions into the tribal belt of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan are yet another manifestation of US evil designs against Pakistan under the umbrella of targeting militants and eliminating them through savage aerial and artillery bombardments. Such brutal military actions witness death of innocent people having no links with militancy and terrorism of either Taliban or Al Qaeda. Their houses are destroyed and they are forced to migrate to safer places.
The people of Pakistan are enraged over the US military aggressions against them, who are also bewildered on Pakistan’s military operations in the garb of hunting terrorists and militants under the US instructions. The present US military intrusions and killing of the people in Waziristan are a calculated move to bring the area into US custody for two ulterior motives: complete occupation of Afghanistan with no resistance and occupation of the FATA bordering Afghanistan. The Bush administration is getting frustrated and desperate over the failure of US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan where resistance against the foreign occupation is gaining momentum. The trick of US military intrusions into Pakistan are just to blame this country for not doing enough against what the US calls them Pakistani militants, although the fact is that all the foreign forces deployed in Afghanistan are totally failure in suppressing the resistance against foreign occupation. It seems the Bush administration is so far planning to land US troops in the FATA for its new strategy in the region.
American imperialists are violating the territory of Pakistan that is also against the UN Charter on the sanctity of sovereignty of a nation, while the military establishment of Pakistan and PPP-led coalition government are not taking proper and adequate measures to practically prevent the foreign troops from violating territory of Pakistan. The people of this country want retaliation against the aggressors. But the government lacks courage and spirit to reply foreign invaders in befitting manner because it does not rely on the people’s power but depends on the US patronage and support.
The Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party Pakistan (CMKP) takes the US regular military intervention and sheer violation of the Pakistani territory as a part of occupation of this part of Pakistan. It strongly refutes and lashes US aggressive designs in this area of South Asia, and such menace could be nibed in the bud only through the power of the people in one hand and with support of the anti-imperialist democratic forces of the region and the world at large on the other.

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