Towards a People’s Republic of Nepal?

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) led a ten year people’s war that deposed the Nepali monarchy. Now the CPN-Maoist is in the lead of a popularly elected revolutionary coaltion government charged with drafting a new constitution for the country. The following article, concerning questions of what form the government of the New Nepal will take, is form the Nepal Constituent Assembly Portal. To clearly understand exactly what Comrade Gaurav is talking about, it may be helpful to read this along with Mao Zedong’s “The Chinese Revolution and the Chinese Communist Party” and “On the People’s Democratic Dictatorship“. 

‘Nepal Maoist committed to Peoples’ Republic ‘

Comrade Gaurav (left) with Filipino revolutonary leader Jose Maria Sison in the The Netherlands, 9/23/08

Comrade Gaurav (left) with Filipino revolutonary leader Jose Maria Sison in the The Netherlands, 9/23/08

The Nepal-Maoists’ International Bureau Chief Mr. C.P. Gajurel alias Gaurav speaking at a journalist interaction program in the capital on Wednesday have made it clear to all and sundry that the Maoists are totally committed to writing a constitution that will be based on a Peoples’ Republican Framework.

“We will at any cost draft a Peoples’ Republican Constitution”, said Gajurel who had a short stint in the Europe recently.

“The System of Federal Democratic Republic is the continuation of the status quo…we are looking for a different system…our final target is to declare Nepal a peoples’ republic”.

“Our decade long revolt was meant for that and we are totally committed to reach the said target”.

“Democracy and Parliament- are only a dilemma…let us not confuse ourselves anymore, a parliamentary system of democracy has failed in the world entire”.

“We are very clear that the entire Nepali population will support our party in our endeavor”.

Mr. Gajurel made these remarks at the Reporters Club in Kathmandu.


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