Ibrahim Ebeid: “Obama must recognize the Iraqi National Resistance as the legitimate representative of Iraq”

This article was sent to me by a friend, along with the notice that veteran Palestinian-American activist Ibrahim Ebeid, author of the following article and co-editor of the Iraq and Arab liberation website al-moharer.net, will speak at the People’s Organization for Progress program on Oct. 18 titled ‘Which Way to Peace in Iraq?’ The program will run from 9AM until noon at REFAL Communiversity, 271 S. 9th St. in Newark. I should add that some points raised in this article are controversial and not clear to me, such as the role of Iranians in Iraq or the Mahdi Army. See also a my previous post on the Iraqi Resistance.


Ibrahim Ebeid

New York October 7, 2008

John McCain, the Republican candidate for US President keeps orchestrating that the surge is working In Iraq. Like President George Bush, he tells us that violence is drastically down, a peaceful and secured Iraq is on the rise. He wants the American people to believe that “American democracy” is working and the Iraqis are better off and safer. This is not true.

A few days ago I talked to a Palestinian friend who was born and raised in Iraq; I have had a close relation with his family since the early 1970s. He told me, in a telephone conversation, that his son was injured by a bomb when he was coming out from the mosque that is located near their house. The young man was seriously hurt, fragments are still in his lower body and in his legs, and he is disabled and cannot walk. The bombing was the act of the terrorists, of the Mahdi army, of which its leaders are part of the government that the United States created. Another son faced a kidnapping attempt but fortunately the attempt was foiled by the Resistance.

The man and his family left Iraq after the sectarian militia evicted them from their home and now they are living in exile. The man, whom I call Abu Mahmoud for safety reasons, told me that there is no place safe in Iraq. The neighborhoods in Baghdad are surrounded by walls. People might feel safer in the walled neighborhood from sectarian killings but they cannot venture outside, they are prisoners. Their children stopped going to schools, especially when schools are in another area, and they live in constant fear. Darkness is the only companion they have at night: no television, no water to wash or drink for most of the day (except for contaminated water).

The Resistance is refuting what the US media and politicians are telling us. The physical liquidations and assassinations are on the rise these days in the Iraq of “American Democracy.” Those who are opposing the occupation and Iranian interference in Iraq are open targets. This was confirmed by Abu Mahmoud.

“Bombing returned to the streets at a high level and the target is the innocent people,” my friend Abu Mahmoud told me. He added, “The people of Iraq know that these criminal acts are the work of the US, Zionist and Iranian forces, not the Resistance. The Resistance is protecting the people and does not put bombs in mosques or churches. The Resistance does not target public places or innocents.”

According to the Resistance, the violence against the innocents is intended to create fear and havoc in the streets to force the people to accept the “agreement of security” to allow the Americans to stay in Iraq permanently.

We noticed that the violence against the civilians increased at the eve of the visit of John Negroponte to Iraq, the expert and proponent of death squads, in Honduras and in Iraq. It seems to me wherever Negroponte goes, death squads follow.

Both US presidential candidates fail to tell American voters that the war and the invasion of Iraq were not mistakes: they were planned from the time of President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom.

Both candidates ignore the fact about one-and-a-half million Iraqis died since the invasion and they are still dying. They only recognize the financial losses and the American soldiers killed in action but fail to acknowledge the Iraqis killed and the complete destruction of Iraq and its institutions.

Just last Saturday, October 4, 11 members of the same family were killed by US fire in Mosul, among them three women and three children. Were these children and women members of Al Qaeda as we always told by US news media, politicians and generals?

If Barack Obama is elected President, and if he is serious about ending the war, which I doubt, then he must recognize the Iraqi National Resistance as the legitimate representative of Iraq. He must agree to the demands of the Resistance as they are stated in the Program of Liberation and Independence. They are legitimate and valid. If this occurs, I believe, the Resistance will facilitate the withdrawal of the troops immediately, Americans and Iraqis would be triumphant, progress and security would come to the area and to the rest of the World, and we will hear no more of “Al Qaeda”.

When it comes to Palestine, both major candidates, Republican and Democrat, ignore the Palestinians and give their support to “Israel” and its mass killing of Palestinians, and the destruction of Palestine is tolerated. We do have a few presidential candidates from “minor” parties who want to deal fairly with the issue of Palestine, but, with the US political system ignoring anyone who is not a Democrat or Republican, the messages of reason are not heard.


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