Stop the War! Stop McCain!

The following is from the website of Stop the War! Stop McCain! a working group of Students for a Democratic Society.

McCain = War 

“…[The surge] has succeeded. And we are winning in Iraq. And we will come home with victory and with honor.” – John McCain, Presidential debate, September 26, 2008

You would think that only someone totally ignorant to the past five years of the Iraq war could utter these words. How else could someone use “victory”, “success”, and “honor” to describe the catastrophic ruin and destruction in Iraq? But it’s not that McCain is ignorant about the facts. It’s that he and his elite, imperial friends have a different measure for “success” than the rest of us.

McCain’s “victory” is this: occupied and subjugated Iraq; an end to Iraqi sovereignty; a Green Zone puppet government that does the bidding of its American masters; contracts for oil field development to Big Oil; death squad rule in the name of democracy.

That’s great for imperial interests and for war-mongers like McCain. But for Iraqis and the great majority of Americans this war has been an absolute disaster. This is reality in Iraq: over four million Iraqis forced from their homes, two million of them from the country. At least 1,200,000 Iraqis killed: children, women, and innocent civilians. Hundreds of thousands wounded and maimed. Iraq’s infrastructure and social services devastated: massive shortages of electricity, ineffective sanitation, broken hospitals, insufficient medical supplies, and astronomical unemployment rates.

And here at home, over four thousand of our sisters and brothers have died. Over thirty thousand have come home wounded. Tens upon tens of thousands bear psychological scars from what they witnessed in Iraq. They have spent over $600 billion dollars on this war, when that money is desperately needed for deteriorating social services, education, and jobs here at home. We are facing the largest financial crisis since the great depression: hundreds of thousands of people are getting thrown out of their homes and losing their jobs, while as students we can barely afford tuition that keeps going up and up. And even if we can make our way through school, we’ll be stuck with tens of thousands of dollars of debt, and no good jobs to help us pay it off.

McCain says “we won” and the war is over, because the “surge” has finished off Iraqi resistance to the occupation. He is wrong. The past four months have seen over 3,200 resistance attacks carried out against U.S. troops and coalition forces. The fact is this war will never end until our army – an invading, occupying force – leaves Iraq and our government respects Iraq’s sovereignty and independence. That will never happen with McCain. A McCain presidency means militarism and war.

We don’t need 100 years in Iraq. Every day, every hour, every minute that we are there is a crime. Enough is enough! Let’s raise our voices loud and clear:

McCain Says 100 Years – We Say Out Now!

PDF flyer: mccainwar


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