Lessons from the RNC Protests

The following is a summation of the RNC protest from Fight Back! News Service. I have posted a lot of other material on the RNC protests and my readers should check that out as well. 

Jess Sundin marching on day 4 of the RNC

Jess Sundin marching on day 4 of the RNC

Fight Back News Service has posted a podcast of Jess Sundin, a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization and one of the leading organizers of the Sept. 1 and Sept. 4 anti-war demonstrations at the Republican National Convention. Sundin speaks on the lessons that can be learned from the protests at the RNC.

Sundin, along with other RNC protest organizers spoke at a Sept. 20 community discussion in Minneapolis, Minnesota hosted by Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Click here to hear the podcast:
Lessons from the RNC protests
Jess Sundin, September 20, 2008

Fight Back News Service | www.fightbacknews.org
If you received this from somebody else, you can subscribe to Fight Back News Service at


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