Events and activities in solidarity with Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat throughout the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Arab world

The following is from the website of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a Marxist-Leninist organization that has been waging armed struggle against U.S./Israeli occupation for more than 40 years.


The illegitimate military court hearing for Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was postponed once again by the occupation on November 25, 2008, until December 2008. On the occasion of the hearing, events in solidarity took place throughout the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the Arab world.

Many leaders, cadres and members of the PFLP, as well as many leaders of the national and Islamic factions and large crowds of supporters participated in the actions and demonstrations held throughout the day. A protest was held at the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza City. Comrade Dr. Mariam abu Daqqa, member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP, spoke at the event, sending greetings of resistance and steadfastness to Comrade Sa’adat and pledging that the Front will uphold the prisoners and the resistance until the freedom of all prisoners and the achievement of our national rights.

Comrade Dr. Abu Daqqa condemned the crimes of the occupation against Comrade Sa’adat and the prisoners and called upon all forces for freedom, justice and peace in the world to uphold the cause of the prisoners. She emphasized the importance of national unity, stating that the only party to benefit from division is the occupier. She pointed to the assault on Jericho prison on March 14, 2006, a heinous crime against the General Secretary and the heroes Comrades Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh, Basel al-Asmar, Hamdi Qur’an and Majdi Rimawi, as they were kidnapped before the eyes of the world and with the active complicity of the U.S. and Britain.

Abdel Hamid abu Jiab, member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, also spoke at the rally, emphasizing that Sa’adat’s rejection of the court is a symbol of his ongoing resistance and struggle for liberation and return.

In Ramallah, a sit-in took place in which hundreds of leaders, cadres, members and supporters of the Front, in addition to many national and social figures, representatives of unions and civil society institutions took place outside the ICRC headquarters in Ramallah, demanding the release of Comrade Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners and detainees.

Comrade Abdel-Rahim Mallouh, Deputy General Secretary of the PFLP delivered a speech praising the struggle of the prisoners for freedom against the terrorist state of Israel. He called for the struggle of the prisoners to be a first priority for all national institutions. Comrade Khalida Jarrar, member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP also spoke, condemning the unfair, unacceptable military courts and pointing to national unity as the means to support the prisoners, highlighting that the occupier makes no distinction as to the Palestinian factions and that the prisoners’ unity has been an example for the entire national movement.

In Jenin, a protest was held in front of the ICRC office in solidarity with Comrade Sa’adat, led by veteran former political prisoners. The protest was held in conjunction with the Popular Committee for the Release of the Prisoners, the Prisoners’ Society, and the Commission on Prisoners in Jenin province. A number of citizens, families of prisoners and women’s groups in Jenin province participated in the protest and sit-in, raising the Palestinian flag and posters of Comrade Sa’adat. Protestors urged international institutions, particularly the ICRC, to pressure the Zionists to release Comrade Sa’adat and all of the prisoners.

Comrade Jaafar Abu Salah delivered a statement of the PFLP, and called for future events and actions in solidarity with the prisoners and emphasized the importance of national unity. Mustafa Malhis read a letter delivered to the ICRC by the Popular Committee for the Release of the Priosners and the Prisoners’ Society and the Committee on Prisoners, holding the Israeli government fully responsible for the lives of the prisoners.

In Khan Younis, a mass rally took place in front of the ICRC office in which many national leaders, in addition to dozens of leaders, cadres and members of the Front, took place, calling for solidarity with Comrade Sa’adat. Nabil Agha, of Fateh, stressed that Comrade Sa’adat is on trial as a hero and a symbol of the national Palestinian struggle, and called for the intensification of efforts to support the prisoners. Hijazi Abu Shanab of the Palestinian Left Front, a member of the Central Committeeof the People’s Party said that Comrade Sa’adat is not alone before the occupation court, but all of the Palestiniann people, the Arab nation and the international supporters of justice and freedom stand beside him and support him.

The Khan Younis protest delivered a letter to the ICRC calling upon it to hold the occupation accountable for the crimes against the prisoners and to work to secure their release. The protestors carried Palestinian flags and posters with the picture of Comrade Sa’adat, and chanted for the freedom of the prisoners, the victory of the resistance, and national unity.

In Syria, the Front organized a sit-in rally in front of the ICRC office and the office of the European Union in Damascus, calling for international action and support for the case of Comrade Sa’adat and all of the Palestinian prisoners.

In the province of Rafah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine held a mass march under the slogan “No to the trial of the resistance! No to the illegal persecution of Sa’adat!” The march included many members and leaders of the PFLP and many other residents of Rafah.

Comrade Iyad Awadallah gave a speech on behalf of the PFLP, stressing the Front’s loyalty to Comrade Sa’adat and all prisoners and martyrs of our people, and calling for national unity. He saluted Comrade Sa’adat as a leader traveling on the path of the martyr Abu Ali Mustafa, upholding resistance and resisting all compromise on our Palestinian national rights to end occupation and achieve liberation and return. He stressed that the leadership of the PFLP would remain faithful to the sacrifices and steadfastness of Comrade Sa’adat and the prisoners until the achievement of liberation and the establishment of a democratic Palestine on our entire national territory.

He saluted the achievements of the resistance, particularly the October 17 operation against notorious racist tourism minister Rehavam Ze’evi, and saluted the martyrs, including Abu Ali Mustafa, Yasser Arafat, Ahmed Yassin, and Fathi Shikaki.

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