Ang Bayan: US covert operations in various countries

The following editorial is from Ang Bayan, the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines issued by the CPP Central Committee.


U.S. imperialism tramples on the sovereignty of various countries as it wages its global terrorist war. The US can no longer deny this fact after the disclosure this November of a document containing orders to the US Special Forces to launch secret attacks on perceived elements of the al-Qaeda terrorist network anywhere in the world.

Then US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld issued the “Al Qaeda Network Exord” (execute order) in 2004, ordering secret attacks on alleged al-Qaeda sanctuaries, even without the permission of the concerned countries. With a small group of top-ranking officers deciding, American soldiers can be sent immediately to other countries to launch bombing attacks and other operations against their targets.

The memorandum is part of a series of directives by the Bush regime meant to intensify and expand its terrorist war in different parts of the world. Bush had earlier ordered “renditions”–secret abductions and the detention, transfer, interrogation and torture of suspected terrorists in secret prisons in various countries. As early as 2002, Bush had also clandestinely ordered surveillance on telephone conversations, e-mails and other electronic communication of Americans and foreigners in the US without warrant or any sanction from the courts. These directives are blatant violations of international law and even of US laws.

The US has also stepped up espionage activities in different countries, covertly using spy drones and other advanced technology for electronic surveillance. It likewise utilizes spies and paid agents to monitor the location and movements of elements who are considered enemies of the US.

Rumsfeld’s memorandum pinpoints 15-20 countries that are so-called terrorist havens. Aside from these, the memorandum allows attacks on any country, including US puppet estates like the Philippines, under the pretext of going after terrorists like the Abu Sayyaf. (See related articles) The real and strategic targets of US attacks in the Philippines, however, are the Communist Party of the Philippines, New People’s Army and other revolutionary and anti-imperialist forces.

The entire revolutionary movement, the open patriotic and democratic movement and the Filipino people must prepare for expanding and deepening US military intervention in the Philippines and persevere in exposing and defeating it in all its forms. These same policies are expected to continue under the new Obama government.

The puppet and traitorous Arroyo regime deserves the strongest condemnation for its all-out connivance with its imperialist master, even at the expense of the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Only the united strength and determined action of all anti-imperialist and democratic forces in the country can put a stop to continuing and escalating US military intervention on the Philippines.


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