Workers’ Republic

The following 10 minute documentary about the successful occupation of the Republic Windows and Doors plant in Chicago is from Labor Beat Video:


2 responses to “Workers’ Republic

  1. What a fantastic outpouring of workers struggle and support. My favorite is Joe Iosbaker’s fiery speech.

    This was an amazing campaign that will hopefully build the labor movement and increase student-worker solidarity through groups like Students for a Democratic Society, United Students Against Sweatshops, among many others.

    A luta continua!

  2. I agree with Doug, this was overall a success; and hopefully an inspiration for the workers in this nation. The VP of local UE 110 had it spot on, the workers are the creators of the windows and doors without them it would “be just Republic”; unfortunately not all workers realize this; we can survive without them, but they can’t survive without us.

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