Sine Proletaryo: 40 (Forty)

“40” is a video feature presentation by the Communist Party of the Philippines Information Bureau’s video arm Sine Proletaryo celebrating the 40th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

“40”. The Communist Paty of the Philippines is the shining star of the Filipino people. For 40 years, the Party has engaged in fierce struggle and has led the people’s revolution paving the way for a just society. The Party celebrates its 40th founding anniversary with far greater resolve to serve the Filipino people to the fullest of its capacity.

The Party accumulates unprecedented victories through its grasp of Marxist-Leninist principles and its application on the concrete conditions of Philippine society. The Party realizes the Filipino people’s struggle for a true democratic and just society by launching armed struggle through protracted people’s war that will eventually topple the ruling class from holding political power.

For 40 years, the Party has shown its firmness in its leadership and advancement of Philippine revolution. It is firm in its resolve to win the current revolution and its future stages until freedom, justice, prosperity and equality are attained.

Genuine victory requires great effort and time. The Party affirms to the Filipino people its leadership in the course of Philippine revolution until its ultimate victory.

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