Chicago: Protest condemns Israeli massacres in Gaza

The following article is from Fight Back! News:

chicago-palestine-1Chicago: Protest condemns Israeli massacres in Gaza
By Stephanie Weiner

Chicago, IL – 500 people gathered here Dec. 28 for an emergency rally and press conference to condemn the Israeli attacks in the Gaza. The crowd formed a circle around the speakers in front of the Water Tower at noon. The real anger was felt when most of the group moved to the corner to chant at the lone Zionist with an Israeli flag across the street. The militant chanting ranged from, “Free, free Palestine!” to “ End the occupation now!”

The young crowd, almost all wearing Palestinian scarves or carrying flags, called for an end to U.S. money to Israel. They said it most simply in their chant, “Down, down with Israel.” The protesters left with plans to pass on the word about an even larger rally called for this coming Friday afternoon, Jan. 2, at the Tribune Plaza, which is one block from the Israeli Consulate.


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