Two new statements from the PFLP on Gaza

The following two statements in response to the continuing Israeli massacres of almost 400 people in Gaza beginning on December 27th are from the website of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a Marxist-Leninist organization that has been waging armed struggle against U.S./Israeli occupation for 41 years:

United we will fight this aggression and win: A statement from PFLP forces in Gaza

a_114A statement was issued by the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, on December 30, 2008, declaring their ongoing resistance in the face of the brutal crimes of the occupier.

The AAMB statement reaffirmed the position of the Brigades that its fighters are continuing in the resistance, launching missiles and rockets against the occupier’s cities, military bases and settlements and that the Brigades are capable of continuing to launch their missiles for a long time to come, despite the horrific massacres committed against our people in Gaza in a failing attempt to destroy the Palestinian resistance by attacking the masses of our people who form the backbone and provide the steadfastness of the resistance.

AAMB also confirmed that it is fully participating in a unified Palestinian resistance response to the massacres and crimes, that the level of coordination between all resistance brigades is high, and that AAMB is calling to further strengthen that coordination and development of a united resistance command. AAMB saluted Izzadeen al-Qassam Brigades, Saraya al-Quds, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Popular Resistance Committees, National Resistance Brigades, and all resistance forces for their heroic actions and their readiness for the battle on the ground.

AAMB has shelled Israeli occupation forces and armed settlers in occupied Asqelan, al-Majdal, Sderot, Ashdod, Beit Kama, and other targets with Sumoud and Grad rockets and mortars, and it will continue to do so. The crimes and aggressions of the enemy have done nothing to undermine our steadfastness or the support of the people for the resistance and as the level of aggression rises, so also does the level of our steadfastness and our resistance. AAMB noted that for the first time, the rockets of the Palestinian resistance have hit targets over 40 km of range from Gaza, including Beersheba, and that there are other surprises for the enemy to come at the disposal of the Palestinian resistance.

The statement continued to say that the enemy knows very well that they have no option but to engage in a battle on the ground with our forces. We promise our people that we will kidnap the enemy soldiers and hold them in order to secure an end to aggression and the liberation of our prisoners. Their tanks will be met with bombs and explosives and their soldiers will be met with our bullets and grenades. AAMB further assured the Palestinian people that the enemy’s leaders will be targeted and will find no safety.

AAMB continued its statement by saying that “We are the comrades of Guevara Gaza, Walid al-Ghoul and Muin al-Masri, and the martyr Abu Ali Mustafa, and we are upholding and continuing upon their path, principles and actions and are committed to achieving victory on the battlefield, and we tell the enemy today that Gaza will defeat you again and again, as it has done time and time again throughout its history.”

AAMB has called upon all of its fighters and cells throughout Palestine, particularly in the occupied territories of Palestine 48 and the West Bank, to be ready to act when orders are issued as this aggression is escalating. AAMB concluded its statement by saluting the martyrs and injured of the Palestinian revolution and reaffirming its commitment to the Palestinian revolution and the fight for return, liberation and freedom.


From the battlefield under siege: A statement by the PFLP

For four consecutive days now, an Israeli massacre is continuing against our people in Gaza under the eyes and with the silence and complicity of international officialdom. Our people have been under attack by the Zionist occupier’s bombs, missiles and warplanes, attacking our cities, towns, villages and refugee camps. Gaza is living under total siege from sea, land and air. The Israeli enemy has bombed our universities, ministries, municipal buildings, civil institutions and even our security buildings. Now, the tunnels that have provided our only means of trade and sustenance with the outside world, sealing off the last escape route from the open-air prison that the occupier has made of Gaza.

What must be clear is that these crimes are being committed by the Israeli occupier with the complicity of the Egyptian regime and the active participation of the United States, and that, in fact, these crimes would not be possible without that complicity and support. This assault on our people in Gaza is a continuation of the war that Israel waged against the Lebanese people and their resistance in 2006 and the ongoing war against the Iraqi resistance, and involves the participation and complicity of the same forces in their attempts to destroy the Arab people’s resistance to colonialism, occupation, Zionism and imperialism. These crimes are taking place through collective targeting and punishment of the masses of the people who embrace the resistance and continue to provide the steadfast backbone of our revolution.

In light of this urgent and critical situation, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is calling the Palestinian people, the Arab masses and all progressive and revolutionary forces in the world to confront this aggression, expose its objectives, and provide support by all forms and means to the Palestinian cause, to participate in achieving victory out of this horrific massacre.

We call upon people to:

  • Demand the immediate end to the Israeli massacres and aggression against our people in Gaza.
  • Demand that the Egyptian government immediately, permanently and unconditionally open the Rafah crossing with Gaza. Pressure the Arab regimes and the Arab League to end their silence and complicity with the occupier’s crimes against our people.
  • Demand that the U.S. immediately end its cover and support for this aggression and its participation in this aggression. It must be noted that the war machines by which Israel is carrying out its massacres, including F-16 warplanes and Apache helicopters, were made by and paid for by the U.S. and are being used to target civilians in violation of international law, and even U.S. law itself.
  • Call upon the international community to end its silence and complicity with the Israeli massacre. Demand that the United Nations and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon end their acceptance and complicity with occupation crimes against our people and instead implement their own resolutions guaranteeing Palestinian rights and sovereignty. UN General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann has called upon the UN to live up to its responsibilities and we salute this call and call upon all people to turn this call into action.
  • Act to internationally isolate the illegitimate racist state of Israel. Israel’s horrendous crimes have exceeded even those of apartheid South Africa and this regime should not be welcomed anywhere in the world, in international forums or institutions and it should be totally boycotted. All countries should expel Israeli ambassadors and the participation of Israeli representatives in any international gathering or forum should be completely rejected. There is no place for racist Zionism.

Towards victory!

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

December 30, 2008

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