PFLP strongly condemns the submission of the UN Security Council to U.S. domination

The following is from the website of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:

n598330077_1371691_5138The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemns and denounces in the strongest terms the actions of the United States to once again veto any effort to cease the brutal Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza in the United Nations on January 3, 2009.

The United States, acting fully in its expected capacity, as a brutal, criminal, colonialist empire governed by war criminals, from U.S. President George W. Bush to UN Ambassador Zalmay Khalilizad, as the head of the imperialist camp and the enemy aiming its weaponry at the Palestinian people.

The United States provides – and funds – the amounts of weaponry being used against the Palestinian people in Gaza, including supporting the Zionist colonial-settler state with F-16 airplanes, Apache helicopters, and their most advanced weaponry, in addition to the vast amounts of political and economic support that it provides for its strategic partner, Israel.

Throughout history, the United States veto in the Security Council of the United Nations has been used time and time again to prevent international action to stop Zionist occupation atrocities against our people, implement Palestinian rights, or protect our people under attack. As the entire world has time and again condemned Israel, from the masses in the streets of cities around the world, to the floor of the United Nations, the United States has repeatedly used its veto power as a club on behalf of Zionism and imperialism.

On January 3, 2009, once again, the U.S. used its veto power to block a Security Council resolution that would demand the aggression against our people cease. In the face of the killing of hundreds of Palestinians with U.S. made-and-paid-for weaponry at the hands of a murderous and brutal occupier that has bombed schools, universities, mosques, municipal buildings and homes by the hundreds, the U.S. stood to block international action to stop the crimes.

We have no illusions about the United States and its role. The United States is the leading imperialist power, the leading strategic partner of Israel, and a criminal regime engaged in a brutal occupation of its own in Iraq, even as it attempts to prop up the very regimes that suppress our people throughout the Arab homeland.

The people of the world, and indeed, of the United States, have made it clear, in demonstrations, mobilizations and actions, that they are with the besieged and resisting people of Gaza, and with the Palestinian people. The resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan, as does the resistance in Lebanon, prove to the United States and Israel daily that they cannot and will not be successful in their attempts to conquer and occupy. The masses of the Arab homeland are shaking the streets and demanding that the U.S. proxies like the Egyptian regime cease their subservience to their imperial master and support the people of Gaza.

And the Palestinian resistance in Gaza is now, and will continue, to make clear to the United States and Israel that our people and our cause will not be suppressed and will not be killed and will be victorious despite their brutality and criminality, and in the face of the official inaction of the so-called international community.

Towards victory!

[See also: Massacres continue against our people in Gaza – resistance continues to fight!]


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