PFLP forces: Enemy forces dealt a serious blow at the hands of the resistance

The following is from the website of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:


Comrade Abu Jamal, spokesperson of the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, stated on January 4, 2009 that the PFLP forces in the Gaza Strip have been engaged in constant and fierce confrontation on the eastern borders of the homeland.

Comrade Abu Jamal said that special units of AAMB managed to continue their sniping operations against occupation army soldiers and creating plans to pull the enemy into certain areas in order to kidnap and capture their soldiers. AAMB reported successfully sniping a Zionist soldier in Erez area, said Abu Jamal.

He said that all of the reports coming from the cells and fighting units of AAMB, from end to end in Gaza, confirm that the enemy has no real plan in this invasion and that their soldiers are acting in chaos and confusion, which is also an element on the side of the resistance, to control the agenda on the battlefield.

AAMB forces have fired RPG-B-7 anti-tank rockets at invading occupation tanks, as well as 60mm and 100mm mortar shells. AAMB detonated an 80 kg explosive device targeting an occupation military vehicle, causing injuries among the invaders.

On the missile capacity of AAMB, Abu Jamal said that AAMB affirmed to the Palestinian people that the capacity of launching missiles into the heart of the occupier will continue as long as this aggression continues and that they will not succeed in eliminating the resistance capacity to fire missiles and rockets.

Abu Jamal said that the various resistance groups are in a high state of unity and close communication and are operating in full confidence of victory.


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