PFLP Salutes Venezuela on its expulsion of the Israeli ambassador

whois5_chavezThe following is from the website of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine saluted Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the people of Venezuela, as Venezuela expelled the Israeli ambassador, Shlomo Cohen, along with six other embassy employees, in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in protest of Israel’s massacres in Gaza.

Venezuela took this action on January 6, 2008, taking a leading stand in isolating and exposing the Israeli regime’s crimes against our Palestinian people. President Chavez announced on Venezuelan television that the president of Israel should be brought before an international war crimes tribunal along with the president of the United States, denouncing international silence about the assault on the Palestinian people. Chavez denounced the Israeli massacres and called the occupation army “cowards.”

The PFLP saluted the action of Venezuela and recognized it as a continuing example of Venezuela’s leadership in standing against U.S. imperialism and international injustice, and acting in solidarity with the struggling people of the world. It saluted President Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan people’s commitment to solidarity and action in support of the Palestinian people.

The PFLP further called for this action to be repeated around the world, calling for the ambassadors of the occupation to be expelled from Cairo, Amman, every Arab and Islamic capital, and every capital of the world, and the complete and total isolation, boycott and international rejection of the occupation state.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister also denounced Israel’s targeting of an UNRWA schools serving as a shelter, killing over 43 of our Palestinian people, and demanded that Israel and the U.S. be held accountable for their crimes against the Palestinian people, amounting to a holocaust and a modern-day Nazi state.


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