Ahmad Sa’adat: On the Palestine Liberation Organization, national unity and the resistance

The following is from the website of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:

n503584645_299067_5419Comrade General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, praised the steadfastness of all forces and factions of the Palestinian people and stressed the urgency of culminating the achievements of the resistance in Gaza with national unity in order to defeat the political goals of the occupation – fostering internal Palestinian division in order to impose the political projects of the U.S. and Israel upon our people.

Comrade Sa’adat issued his statement on January 31, 2009 during the visit of attorney Buthaina Duqmaq, President of the Mandela Federation, at the Hadarim prison. He praised the steadfastness and the valiant resistance of the Palestinian people in Gaza in the face of a highly technologically-advanced war machine, achieving victory through popular will. He also congratulated the mass Arab and international popular movement, united around the world in support of the Palestinian people, particularly praising Bolivia and Venezuela for cutting diplomatic ties with the occupier.

He noted that the U.S. and Israel have devoted intense energy to fostering Palestinian internal division, as a means of weakening the Palestinian front against its attempts to impose even further depredations of Palestinian rights upon our people through schemes such as Annapolis and the “road map,” and attempting to resuscitate the failed era of Oslo. Comrade Sa’adat stressed that the success of the Palestinian national unity dialogue is critical for the continuation of resistance and upholding the national rights and the national cause of the Palestinian people, and that it is necessary to consolidate the victory of the resistance – defeating the occupier’s plans to achieve through political means what it failed to do so by military means.

Speaking to the issue of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Comrade Sa’adat stressed that the PLO is the sole legitimate representative and reference for our people, yet, simultaneously, he stated that in order to fulfill that role, it must move forward to activate and rebuild its institutions on a democratic and inclusive basis. He called for national unity to upgrade the level of political resistance and common coordination between all sectors of the Palestinian people in the national liberation movement.

Comrade Sa’adat urged all to learn the lessons of victory, noting that the occupier attempted to burn the resistance with phosphorus bombs and resolve the Arab-Zionist conflict once again with massacres, and failing to do so. He emphasized that Palestinian unity is necessary in order to continue to confront the occupier on political grounds and achieve victory in the battle with the occupation.

In addition, Comrade Khalida Jarrar, member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP, also spoke about the Front’s position on the PLO, noting that it in fact faces two dangers – the danger of being used to serve narrow and dangerous political goals that can be harmful to the Palestinian cause, and the danger of denying the legitimacy of the representative of the Palestinian people on the other hand.

Comrade Jarrar, speaking at a public forum organized by the Handala Cultural Center on January 31, 2009, stressed that the PLO is a broad national front, and should have a national political program and must include in its ranks all Palestinian political forces, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, as a key condition required in the Palestinian national liberation movement.

She called to initiate practical steps to reform and rebuild the institutions of the PLO and the PLO itself, rejecting both the use of the PLO as a political tool serving narrow interests as well as the negation of the importance of the PLO. She criticized the statements of Khaled Meshaal, political leader of Hamas, calling for a new representative institution to replace the PLO, stating that this would only deepen Palestinian internal division. She also called for the immediate implementation of the Cairo Declaration and the full reactivation of the PLO and the incorporation of all political forces into the PLO on a democratic and inclusive basis, stating that the PLO should not be used, as it has been by Fateh, as political property or to push through narrow interests that can be harmful to the national cause.

Comrade Jarrar emphasized that the PFLP is not a mediator nor a follower to other Palestinian political parties, particularly Fateh and Hamas, and that the Front’s allegiance is to the Palestinian national cause and the Palestinian national project. She demanded a full review and reversal of 15 years of the Oslo process and the so-called negotiations and the raising of the political program of the PLO to meet the needs of the Palestinian people, as well as a full end to all security cooperation between the PA and Israel. She also noted that the Palestinian cause is not a matter of economic aid nor of “security,” it is a political conflict between an occupied people and their occupier, and that this must be the basis for international discussion of Palestine, not a discussion of “security” and economy.


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