Carlos Montes: Review of FRSO’s New Immigrant Rights Pamphlet

click on the image above for the pamphlet

click on the image above for the pamphlet

The following is from Fight Back! / ¡Lucha y Resiste!

A New Pamphlet on the Struggle for Immigrant Rights

By Carlos Montes, Los Angeles, California
After years of struggle and massive marches, justice for immigrants appears closer to reality, but we must continue to hit the streets to demand full legalization and an end to the repressive ICE detentions and deportations. It is also a time to sum up our lessons and history of struggle. This is why I encourage you to read the new pamphlet, The Immigrant Rights Movement and the Struggle for Full Equality just published by Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

The pamphlet points out that that at the center of the immigrant rights movement in the US is the fundamental struggle of Chicanos, Mexicanos and Central Americans for full equality. It gives a brief history of the theft of the Southwest by US imperialist war and how this set the basis of our exploitation in the fields, mines and factories. The pamphlet puts out the basic demands of the masses and presents a class view of the immigrant rights movement. It exposes the brutal national oppression of our people and is different from other revolutionary publications that only see the immigrant rights movement as a purely workers issue. Check out this new pamphlet by FRSO. You can get it at:

Carlos Montes is a long-time activist in the Chicano community and the struggle for immigrant rights.

2 responses to “Carlos Montes: Review of FRSO’s New Immigrant Rights Pamphlet

  1. I would gladly like to speak to Carlos Montes regarding The Brown Berets and forming one in Indio, Ca . We have a dozen of us. Siempre hasta la Victoria, Gracias.

    • Carlos Montes

      Say someone send me this message from this we site..Call me or text me at cell: 213-712-0370 so we can talk about the movimento!

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