International Communist Seminar held in Brussels on youth and the crisis

The following is from the website of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, a regular participant in the International Communist Seminar:


International Communist Seminar held in Brussels on youth and the crisis

Press Statement

From 15-17 May 2008, 49 communist and workers’ parties from 40 countries gathered in Brussels for the 18th International Communist Seminar, hosted by the Workers’ Party of Belgium. Its main theme was communist work among youth — for which 20 of the parties had sent a young delegate. The participants presented papers and held discussions on the current situation of youth, the work of communists among youth and the incorporation of new generations in communist parties.

A document with general conclusions on communist work among youth was formulated, discussed and adopted. It states that the young are among the first and worst victims of the economic crisis of world capitalism, but that they also play a crucial role in the resistance against the effects of the crisis. The Seminar pointed out that communist parties have a particular responsibility towards youth and that they face the challenge of incorporating young activists and cadres in their ranks. At the same time, the importance of building a strong communist youth movement was stressed.

The Seminar dedicated a special session to the current crisis of capitalism. Several speakers provided an in-depth analysis of this crisis, which is essentially a crisis of overproduction. The tasks of communists in the situation of crisis were also discussed. Most importantly, the participants agreed to promote and work for socialism as the sole alternative to the crisis-ridden capitalist system. A declaration was discussed and issued to provide guidance for communist work during the crisis.

Two specific resolutions were also presented, one on solidarity with socialist Cuba, the other on the situation in Palestine and the Middle East. They were signed by a large majority of the parties present and will be circulated in the international communist movement to gather more signatures, as with the declaration on the crisis and the general conclusions on youth.

All documents of the 18th International Communist Seminar will be made available on

The Seminar participants agreed to organize next year’s 19th International Communist Seminar from May 14-16, 2010 in Brussels. It will have as theme “The consequences of the crisis and the intervention of communist parties”, comprising the following topics:

  • deepening the Leninist analysis of the crisis, particularly in its new developments;
  • enriching politics and tactics from practice and debate and in strategic perspective of socialism;
  • and learning lessons from practical experiences of communist parties in mobilization, conscientization and organization.

3 responses to “International Communist Seminar held in Brussels on youth and the crisis

  1. I totally forgot that you were the one running this blog too! It was great to see you at the ICS :)

  2. When you read the contributions of the different communist parties on the ICS, and you study them really, you will see that there is apparently no discussion, no struggle against opportunism or revisionism. The more authentic communist, the more authentic marxist analyse is published next to rather superficial analyse or next to real opportunist or even revisionist analyse.
    And then you will see ANTAGONIST contradictions in political line, in organisation principles, as between the KKE for example and de actual WPB….
    But those antagonist contradictions are not noticed, apparently!
    I speak about this on my blog on:

    And I will analyse it further.
    My statement is (and I will try to prove this):
    There is apparently a BLINDNESS of real communist parties (as I see the KKE) to ACTUAL CONCRETE revisionism in the international communist movement. (and the KKE is at this moment one of the communist parties that make the best analyses about the historical emerge of revisionism in the international communist movement – see the text of the KKE on your blog…)
    And I think, that is happening because even inside a party as the KKE there are present some forms of opportunism that are not beaten.
    And those forms of opportunism were in other parties as the Socialist Party of the Netherlands, the New Communist Party of the Netherlands and the Workers Party of Belgium (and others…) the germs on which renegades INSIDE the parties could develop there revisionism.
    So, I think that the presence of those forms of opportunism, make those real communist parties blind for the development of revisionism in the International Communist Movement… and perhaps create the danger of once an emerge of revisionism INSIDE their own organisation.
    I will try this to prove this for the KKE. and that is a party that do a lot of good analyse, is having an elaborated concrete program for revolution and building socialism and that program is the guideline for the daily political and ideological work of each member. So the KKE is apparently good weaponed against possible emerge of revisionism…..
    But that was the WPB also until, lets say 1995!!!…… and in 2004 there was a installing (not elected and there was no reaction of the majority of the members, aparently blinded because of a lot of opportunist conceptions developed in the WPB since 1995….) of a REVISIONIST leadership that was formal “recognised” as the new leadership of the WPB in 2008 on her 8th congres.

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