George Galloway on the People’s Republic of China’s 60th Anniversary

George Galloway (MP) speaks at Saklatvala Hall, Southall, on 3 October 2009, at a meeting organised by the Hands off China campaign to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese revolution, and founding of the People’s Republic of China, on 1st October 1949. He celebrates China’s liberation from imperialism and feudalism; her rise as a power that will soon enable her to veto the aggressive actions of U.S. imperialism creating a more balanced, multi-polar world; and asserts that China is socialist. For all these reasons china deserves our support and admiration and we celebrate her 60th birthday!

George Galloway gave an excellent speech to a packed hall of well over 100 party members and friends of China. CPGB-ML Chairaman Harpal Brar and central committee member Keith Bennett also addressed the meeting, as did Councilor Ma Shin of the Chinese Embassy and Dr. Jenny Clegg.

For more videos from this event, please see the ProletarianCPGB-ML channel on youtube and please see also the video series here: Reasons to Support China


4 responses to “George Galloway on the People’s Republic of China’s 60th Anniversary

  1. thanks for posting this!

  2. yes the primary bastion of the capitalist world economy, maintaining the super exploitation of the working class through a fascist state apparatus is “socialist”.
    good thinking guys.

    • Well Mark, a serious question for someone to answer:

      How does one explain that China’s economy is growing at 7% and likely to hit 8% this year while the imperialist countries are in crisis? I read that Vietnam’s economy is also growing at 5% or more this year too. Capitalism without boom and bust, is that possible?

      Is India or any other country’s economy growing this year?

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