FARC commander Alfonso Cano greets Continental Bolivarian Movement

The following is a rough English translation, done by Google Translate, of the original Spanish, “Movimiento Continental Bolivariano: una necesidad política de alcances estratégicos“, a letter sent by Alfonso Cano, Commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP), the largest Marxist-Leninist organization in Colombia, to the Constituent Congress of the Continental Bolivarian Movement. The Congress took place on December 8th in Caracas, Venezuela. Around 950 people from 26 nations formed the Continental Bolivarian Movement, a regional association to advance the interests of working people and to defend the continent against imperialist aggression.

Continental Bolivarian Movement: a political need for strategic implications

Fellow American and Caribbean attend this historic event, comrades: received the enthusiastic greeting of the Secretariat of the General Staff, the staff corps and the FARC – EP, as well as all members of the Bolivarian Militias .

Establish a continental political movement, the Bolivarian essence, just as the American empire deploys its military force in Colombia and has, threatening, their machines of war and terror against American and Caribbean peoples, is not only a historical necessity, but an urgent duty , marking the horizon of the fighting unity of our peoples to defend their dignity, independence, history, values, culture, territory, human resources, natural wealth and the inalienable sovereign right to shape its future.

The purpose of the Liberator of forming a Latin American country structured as a single body of free nations, inclusive of our peoples, which guarantees the defeat of colonialism in that period and the final independence of our peoples from the yoke of any power, continues force; fully retains its force as a strategy born of genius and exemplary commitment and inexhaustible revolutionary Simón Bolívar, who conceived, a great nation as a collective heritage of all people and not as a summation of huge estates reserved for privileged minorities, kneeling and submissive against orders of the empire of the moment.

The correctness of such portentous approach transcends Bolivar 200 years later, the same way that all its ideals of equality, freedom, social justice, sovereignty and independence, summary and essence of the current struggles of many of the Latin American and Caribbean oligarchic regimes are fighting against unconditional surrender to the foreign masters and as victims of capitalist expansion are described as “globalization”, woke up today, with more urgency and legitimacy than ever, the flag of the Patria Grande, to the undisguised intention gringa flood the territories from the south of the Rio Grande to Patagonia, to realize its strategy of “manifest destiny” under his imperial and objectionable slogan “America for Americans”.

It is clear that as a military treaty recently signed between Washington and Bogota, which allows the formation of 7 bases in Colombia, with the prerogative to use the entire airport system, airspace, territorial seas without limits on the amount of owners who move their ships of war and the massive presence of American paramilitary called contractors are not limited to the fight against drug trafficking and called terrorism, but seeks to destabilize the processes of democratization and independence taking place in Latin America.

The drug war is a failed strategy that the U.S. use today as a pretext for intervention and aggression in different parts of the world.

The war on terrorism-Lax qualifier where everyone fits their political opponents, ordered by the White House, the same who ordered the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which devastated Vietnam with napalm and chemical weapons, which attacks the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and supports the Israeli state terror, is another mask of empire and transnational corporations, to justify their atrocities.

In Latin America, on the strategic corner of South America that occupies Colombia and as a result of a long breath that plan is already under way, began to invade again, this time with the acquiescence of a president as Álvaro Uribe, from the depths of criminal paramilitaries, which carries a murky past as a drug trafficker-a fact well known to Washington, stateless and most corrupt head of government of Colombian history and who precisely why the U.S. used to advance this venture which aims to regain lost influence in its former “backyard”.

The failed coup by President Chavez on April 11, 2002, President Zelaya coup attempt to cover up recognizing that the spurious elections won by Wolf, systematic stoking destabilize the Colombian – Venezuelan, the clear and uninterrupted destabilizing efforts in several of our countries are part of this new offensive gringo state and the reaction against inatajables continental integration advances and the growing anti-imperialist sentiment of our continent, framed in the Bolivarian vision of independence, ie in the frontal attack of the oppressed masses against colonial power and oligarchies, in other words, the class struggle for the liberation of the oppressed, social and political confrontation for democracy to develop in depth incessant, uninterrupted, rooted in the best and most advanced of our traditions, marked by our peculiarities and idiosyncrasies as part of an ongoing process truly Latin American socialism.

Our commitment to this process by the national and popular sovereignty, the great fatherland and socialism is total and unconditional. It is our unshakable and reason for existence of the FARC – EP as we were instilled in our heads and founders Manuel and James, and as we reaffirmed daily, with full and complete confidence in ultimate victory.

Given this exceptional event, we reaffirm our confidence in the breakthrough that will mean for the struggles of Latin American people constituting the Continental Movement of Bolivarian thought nurtured and inspired as we all, in the exemplary life of the Liberator, incommensurable ethical framework that encourages us permanently in the harshness of the struggle to achieve the goals we have set.

We reiterate our votes for the most enriching exchange, conclusions and proposals conveners wise and generating mass movement, organization, fighting against the invader and the construction of the Great Fatherland!

For Latin American and Caribbean unity against imperial invasion of the United States: Go!

Thank you very much,

Alfonso Cano

EMC Chief of the FARC – EP

Mountains of Colombia, December 2009


One response to “FARC commander Alfonso Cano greets Continental Bolivarian Movement

  1. This is as like as our Indian Govt.’s Operation Green Hunt against the C.P.I.(Maoist) in the region of the heart of the Indian territory in Bastar and Dandakaaranya region to remove the movement from that place. For this the Indian army deployed 2 lakhs of all types of army with the support of Air force. This place is very need to MNC’s to dig the natural resources and take the ore to their countries. Please condemn this operation world wide and give solidarity to the Maoist Movement.

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