FARC-EP War Report: January-June 2009

The following is from the website www.bolivarsomostodos.org

According to the war reports coming from Eastern Bloc, Southern Bloc and United-Western Command, in June 2009 during the confrontations between guerrilla and enemy forces and the guerrilla attacks against these forces, at least 83 soldiers and police officers were killed and 103 injured.

As a result enemy forces have suffered totally 186 casualties in these regions. During  the confrontations 6 of our comrades were killed, other 6 injured and 1 captured. The attacks on the enemy air forces have resulted 3 helicopters and 2 aircrafts damaged. A piranha military boat, an oil pipeline and 3 energy suppliers were destroyed. During the assault on the military bases and points we obtained 7 Galil and 1 M-16 automatic guns, 20 magazines and 740 bullets belonging to them, 9 M-26 and 2 M-60 bomb-launchers, innumerable mobile phones and military documents. We have not received the reports from other blocks and fronts for June 2009 yet.

According to the partial war reports which we have already received by June 2009:   

Death soldiers, paramiliters and police officers: 1194

Injured: 1353

Total casualties of the enemy forces: 2547         

Death Guerrillas:  97

Injured:  84

Captured:    9

Total casualties of the guerrilla forces: 190


During the confrontations and attacks on the enemy forces that took place during the last 6 months, at least 26 helicopters and 2 aircrafts were hit. Dozens of military vehicles and boats, hundreds of capitalist enterprises, pipelines and energy suppliers were sabotaged. Innumerable guns and ammunitions were obtained.      

Long Live Manuel Marulanda Velez!

In the name of our martyrs

We promised to triumph and we will triumph!

Secretariat of Central High Command

Colombian Mountains

July 2009

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