Nepal’s Maoists Seize Kathmandu

Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal waves to the crowd during the inauguration of a new autonomous state in Kathmandu December 16, 2009. Maoist declared the capital Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts as the new Newa autonomous state. REUTERS/Shruti Shrestha

The following report is from The Economic Times:

KATHMANDU: Maoists on Wednesday announced the seizure of the Nepalese capital Kathmandu declaring it an autonomous region, after storming into heavily guarded Durbar Square, in a development that could trigger a new political confrontation.

Waving red flags, 5000 militant cadres forced their way into the Durbar Square city centre where their chief Prachanda declared Kathmandu valley as the Newa Autonomous State. The Maoists, who have already announced formation of parallel governments in nine districts and paid little heed to warnings by the Nepali Congress, to desist from such tactics as it may lead to “biggest political and social confrontation”.

Though the Maoist takeover was more of a symbolic nature, their choice of the capital city sent shock-waves in the ruling CPN-UML-led 22-party alliance. Prachanda lit a traditional lamp to declare Kathmandu as Newa Autonomous State by flying a banner that read “Newa Autonomous State” as hundreds of balloons were let off.

A gun salute was also given and the city declared an autonomous state amidst performance of traditional music.

“Our move is not intended to disrupt the peace process or block the constitution making task,” Prachanda proclaimed adding it was to “make people aware about federalism and strengthen the republican system”. The Maoist supremo claimed that “regressive forces were hatching a conspiracy against the republican system and trying to reverse the change”.

Other Maoist leader who spoke on the occasion defended their move to declare various areas as autonomous regions rejected the claim that it would derail the peace process and lead to disintegration of the nation. The party is planning to declare altogether 13 autonomous states in the country by December 18.

5 responses to “Nepal’s Maoists Seize Kathmandu

  1. Dear Comrades,

    Please note that

    1. it’s not still a ‘seizure’ but a political declaration
    2. Nor were the declarations ‘parallel governments’

    However, the Maoist Party has warned they would run the parallel govts in case of Nepal Government’s crackdown

  2. Dear Maoists Friends !
    Respectfully, I request to all Maoists not to exercise in futility. The model of ethnic-based federalism can disintegrate the country. Racial federalism can never develop the norms of democracy. Secularism and federalism is not the issue of Nepal. In the context of Nepal, this will be a suicidal task. It will break the unity of the Nepalese people. Actually, federalism means feudalism which can’t give the solution for the lower castes and poor.
    The Maoist group itself is an organization that has come up with a revolutionary thinking for strong nationalism and against foreign interference, oppression, suppression and rampant corruption. The way the Maoists were successful in breaking the one-sided control and dominance in power of the Nepali Congress, UML, RPP and Sadhvabana Party by using the traitors and corrupts in those parties it needs to be very careful to meet the future challenges. The main agenda of Nepal is to control and curb foreign interference and corruption and all must remain aware that one cannot impose all its thinking and prejudices in the context of Nepal. The Maoists’ political success will be measured on how it can move according to the national and international contexts but not such suicidal way- the caste-based state.
    It would be relevant if the Maoists move ahead by expressing commitment to the guideline of late Chinese leader and namesake of the CPN-Maoist on a sovereign Nepal and the integrity of one-China principle. Although Nepal and India are near geographically and culturally Nepal has been facing threat since the Mugal times. But Nepal has not faced any kind of threat from China since communism was established there. China’s leader Mao Ze Dong used to say even when communism was at its height in China that ‘China was in favor of monarchy in Nepal as its sovereignty is safe only because of monarchy’. Mao used to have total faith on Nepal’s monarchy as he understood it very well that Nepalese communists even if they wear the façade of a revolutionary always run under the Indian design. China had understood it clearly that Nepal’s sovereignty is linked with monarchy. Therefore, there is no option for the Maoists too to accept this reality. The Maoist should be able to understand the game plan of India and America to destroy China by using Nepal and for that they first want to weaken Nepal. In such a situation, we nationalists including Maoists should request Him (King) to reinstate the throne with Crown. The attempt to establish a republican state in Nepal is a Herculean task. If the Maoists do’t support my requesting, the notorious powerful imparialist- Amereica & India will active to finish the Nepalese Maoists. So I request to all Maoists to think and to decide the future of Nepal.
    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    • Biju विजु

      Dirgha ji,
      In Nepal, most of the so called “Mainstream” political thought expresses Monarchy and Anti-Indian-ism as Nationalism and serving Indian-Expansionism and American-Imperialism as Democracy. Maoists had come with a blaze-in-a-trail in politics, fusing both Nationalism and Democracy in favor of Peoples of Nepal. Actually, Nationalism and Democracy can easily be exercised in any Country, but due to short-sightedness of Parliamentary Parties and Feudal Monarchy, it was in stage of opposing each other.
      And about Ethnicity based Federal States, this is the proposition that Maoists had kept amongst the people — which is widely accepted by the people — actually to demolish the Feudal Social system, and which will serve most of the working people in Nepal. And also, in New Nepal, old machinery will certainly not work in favor of New State, for which , Maoists proposed Ethnicity-based Federal States, to fight against old feudal system, which had already been approved by the People.

  3. Nepali Maoists are inspiring all the revolutionaries
    of this planet.

  4. not only Maoists, the sister organizations of other ruling parties like UML’s and other various powerful groups of Nepal are all set in declaring a kathmandu valley as a Newa Autonomous State on 26th December, 2009. And the most agendas carried-out by Maoists are seemed to be fulfilled in one or another way. the overall political environment seems to be Maoists-filled.

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