Comrade Sa’adat calls for a new year of struggle, unity and resistance

The following is from the website of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:

The imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, sent greetings to our people marking the new year and the Christmas holidays, saying that the new year, 2010, can be a year to restore the unity of our Palestinian people, break the siege on our heroic people in Gaza, and bring the occupation war criminals to trial before international courts. He called for the new year to be a year of our inalienable right to resist, to drive occupation and settlement from our land, of the liberation of prisoners, of independence, self-determination and Jerusalem as our capital, and the right of refugees to return to their homes from which they were displaced.

Comrade Sa’adat met with his attorney on December 28, 2009 after being denied attorney visits for months, delivering his message to his attorney from the isolation cells where he is held in Ramon prison in the Naqab desert. The attorney who met with him, from Addameer, said that Comrade Sa’adat has high morale and great confidence in the ability of our people to end the internal national crisis and restore national reconciliation on a comprehensive basis.

He warned against “patching” or “mending” the Palestine Liberation Organization and its institution, saying that the PLO must instead be thoroughly rebuilt on a democratic basis, including all political forces, through elections based on proportional representation for all PLO institutions. He further emphasized the need to end all forms of negotiations with the occupier, saying that any negotiations, as well as the silence of Arab and international parties, only provide a cover of legitimacy to the ongoing aggression, expansion, racism and crimes of the occupier. He said that negotiations with the occupier provide a dangerous cover for the occupation’s crimes – the ongoing looting of our land and violation of Palestinian human rights and holy sites – and allow it to impose ‘facts on the ground’ that undermine basic rights of the Palestinian people and seek to eliminate national steadfastness and struggle.

Comrade Sa’adat called for an urgent meeting of the national dialogue committee, to initiate a thorough review of Palestinian policies and formulate a comprehensive program of strategy and struggle based on the resistance to occupation, emphasizing the need for mobilization, organization, and intensive work to build popular and official solidarity on the regional and international levels.

He called for continuing and expanding the campaigns against normalization with the occupation in any way, including the campaigns for boycott, divestment and sanctions, and for fighting tirelessly and diligently as an integral part of our national strategy to promote support for the rights of our people. He also called for our people to document the crimes of the occupier and expose its lies of “democracy” and “ethics” before the world, particularly on the anniversary of the aggression against Gaza.

The Goldstone report detailing the war crimes committed by the occupier requires follow-up and implementation by the United Nations, as called for in resolutions of the UN Commission on Human Rights and the General Assembly, said Comrade Sa’adat, as does the advisory ruling of the International Court of Justice at the Hague on the illegal wall of annexation and racist settlement. He also called for the PLO and the Arab League to immediately call upon the United Nations and relevant institutions to hold the occupier accountable for its ongoing crimes and Zionization of the city of Jerusalem.

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