Ang Bayan: Raise the Level of People’s War in the New Decade

The following is from Ang Bayan, the organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines:

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), New People’s Army (NPA) and the revolutionary people are in a rock-solid position to advance the people’s war in the new decade to a new and unprecedented level.

Its accumulated strength and experiences and the brilliant victories of people’s war in the last four decades, and its having been tempered even more as it successfully confronted and defeated the US-Arroyo regime’s allout war and Oplan Bantay Laya this past decade serve as the firmest foundation of this declaration.

With the world capitalist system in the throes of depression and the semicolonial and semifeudal system in the Philippines mired ever deeper in permanent crisis, objective conditions are even more favorable for the Philippine revolution to further advance and make great leaps.

The Party and all the revolutionary forces are determined to fulfill the tasks needed for the people’s war to make a major leap in the first five years of this decade from the strategic defensive to the strategic stalemate.

All cadres, members, fighters, activists and the revolutionary people must make many preparations and exert much effort in confronting this great challenge.

First of all, we must further expand the Party that leads the revolutionary movement. Recruitment must be stepped up especially from the ranks of workers, other toiling masses and the petty bourgeoisie. Let us mould from them the tens of thousands of proletarian revolutionaries who can teach and lead the Filipino people in waging revolution. They must early on be equipped with the three-level Party course and be continuously honed in the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist standpoint, viewpoint and method. Party branches, groups and the higher levels of leadership must promptly be established in localities, organizations and necessary spheres of work.

We must continuously train thousands of cadres who can be relied upon to exercise effective leadership from the most basic levels all the way to the national level. It is of utmost importance to deploy cadres and cadre material from the cities and town centers to join the people’s army. It is in the countryside where the most number of cadres with well-developed proletarian qualities and high levels of intellectual and other skills is most needed.

We must further develop, raise the number and daringly field hundreds of thousands of mass activists to perform tasks for the revolution. Through them, the Party and people’s army are able to amplify their capabilities severalfold to reach, arouse, organize and mobilize the toiling masses and other sectors of the people in countryside and city, through both open and clandestine means.

We must further intensify extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare based on an ever expanding and deepening mass base. The New People’s Army is already able to launch more than one tactical offensive per day. It can surpass this rate in the coming years with the further expansion and development of the people’s army and by taking advantage of the conflicts among, and weaknesses of, the enemy. Let us make the enemy bleed by inflicting head and body blows and let the NPA’s military actions resound throughout the archipelago.

We must increase the number of recruits for the people’s army from the hundreds of thousands of activists and the revolutionary people in the countryside and cities. We must raise their level of ideological, political and military consolidation to enable them to persevere in protracted people’s war and serve as wellsprings of fine Party cadres and Red commanders of the people’ army.

We must raise the level of the majority of guerrilla fronts to company strength and strive to build platoon-strength units of the people’s army in most of the municipalities within our areas of operation. We must ensure the establishment of people’s militia units and even more self-defense corps in consolidated barrios. We may deploy armed city partisans in urban areas within guerrilla fronts. We must carefully study, prepare for and effectively resist the new and even more vicious counterrevolutionary oplan that will replace the failed OBL.

It is the objective of the current extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare to continuously and cumulatively drain the enemy of its strength by inflicting ever more frequent blows, especially on its weak and isolated parts.

Regions and guerrilla fronts that are ready may gradually develop appropriate vertical forces within the people’s army and advance some initial elements of regular mobile warfare in the process of expanding, intensifying and raising the level of guerrilla warfare. This will provide a smooth transition towards fullblown regular mobile warfare which is the main form of warfare in the strategic stalemate.

Let us expand and deepen the revolutionary mass base wave upon wave. Let us raise the number of the millions of people who currently comprise the mass base and consolidate them. Let us determinedly build contiguous guerrilla fronts in the majority of congressional districts in the countryside that have not been covered by the existing 120 or so guerrilla fronts, and let us do so until we cover the majority of municipalities within each district.

It is of utmost importance to expand and invigorate agrarian revolution. We must strengthen the revolutionary mass base in the organizational, political, military, economic, public welfare and cultural fields. From the millions of people we have reached, we can recruit the biggest numbers into the Party, people’s army and the various mass organizations.

Let us continuously raise the level of consolidation of the revolutionary mass base in all areas and establish organs of people’s democratic government and other organs of political power in consolidated areas from the barrio, municipal and district level up. We must give full play to the people’s self-organization and governance guided by the local Party organizations in consolidated guerrilla bases. This will provide the Party and people’s army greater leeway in accomplishing other tasks, among them the further advance of armed struggle.

By qualitatively raising the level of consolidation of the revolutionary mass base and dismantling the enemy’s political power in vast areas, we foresee the emergence of developed and relatively stable revolutionary bases and war fronts, even as people’s war advances from the strategic defensive to the strategic stalemate.

Let us further invigorate, expand and intensify the mass movement and anti-imperialist, antifeudal and antifascist struggles on various levels nationwide. Let us broaden the scope and raise the level of planning and coordination in mass struggles to enable the people to join them in ever greater numbers, to more effectively attain their objectives and inflict more intense blows on the enemy. Let us tirelessly disseminate revolutionary propaganda through various media and venues in order to reach, arouse and mobilize the people in their numbers and win them over to the side of revolution.

Let us continuously raise the level of militancy of mass movements and struggles until they culminate in people’s uprisings in various areas nationwide and shake the foundations of reactionary rule.

Meanwhile, the intensity of the international capitalist crisis will fire up other proletarian, democratic and anti-imperialist revolutions and mass movements in various countries, especially in the Third World. We anticipate even greater cooperation among proletarian revolutionaries and other progressive, anti-imperialist and propeople movements and forces worldwide. This will serve to inspire and invigorate revolutionary movements in various parts of the globe.

The advance of many other revolutionary struggles worldwide and the expansion of international support for people’s war in the Philippines will serve as a broad shield against the intensifying intervention of US imperialism in the revolutionary war in the Philippines and its support for the moribund puppet reactionary state.

For as long as the much-hated US-Arroyo regime continues to wield power, it will remain as the main target of attack nationwide.

Whether or not Arroyo is replaced by a new chief puppet, the revolutionary movement will not relent in fighting the entire reactionary puppet state and system until it is completely overthrown and replaced with a new democratic state and system with a socialist perspective.

Depending on the seriousness of the succeeding regime with regards to the peace process, some or most of the revolution and the people’s substantive aspirations may be realized. The resumption and progress of the peace talks can be of help in achieving revolutionary objectives and shortening the stages and overall course of the protracted people’s war.

4 responses to “Ang Bayan: Raise the Level of People’s War in the New Decade

  1. When I visited the Philippines a few years ago I was impressed with the high level of ideological preparation of the cadres of the Communist Party. The piece says, “They [Party recruits] must early on be equipped with the three-level Party course and be continuously honed in the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist standpoint, viewpoint and method.’

    Is that course posted on-line?

  2. May Allah Grant Victory and State Power to The Communist Party of the Phillippines in this New Decade.

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