PFLP on the second anniversary of the loss of Al-Hakim: Revolutionaries never die!

The following is from the website of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:

On the second anniversary of the loss of Al-Hakim, Dr. George Habash, the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Arab Nationalist Movement, the Front pledged to remain on the path and fulfill the goals of Al-Hakim and all of the martyrs of our people and our nation, until return and liberation, on the path of democracy, justice and unity, pledging that revolutionaries never die – and that the example of Al-Hakim as a thinker, organizer, and revolutionary leader will live on immortally in Palestine, the Arab nation and internationally.

In the Front’s statement, issued on January 26, 2010, the PFLP said that Al-Hakim was a historic leader who lit a flame in the darkness of occupation, aggression and oppression, the flame of popular revolution and the path of freedom that shatters the shackles of dependency and hegemony, raising the banner of resistance and unity as the only path for the restoration of our land and our freedom.

It recalled the reason, conscience and honor of Al-Hakim and  his absolute dedication to the cause and the revolution of his people and his nation and their rights and dignity, calling upon all to take inspiration today from his historic and pioneering role in the revolution against injustice and aggression, as well as his ability to formulate the strategy and tactics of the party, to protect the revolution, enhance its strength and maintain its unity, steadfastness and resilience, to build the vanguard of our people’s struggle and an advanced faction in the national and international struggle, and to maintain resolve and determination to stay the course despite all opposition and difficulties.

The statement invoked the spirit of dedication and selflessness epitomied by Al-Hakim and the other wise leaders of the revolution and our people’s historic leaders, such as Abu Ammar, Abu Ali Mustafa, Sheikh Yassin, Fathi Shiqaqi, and many others. It recalled Al-Hakim’s spirit of community and solidarity, and his commitment to collective leadership and innovation, including his voluntary relinquishing of the post of General Secretary of the Party in order to support new leadership and target bureaucracy and the cult of the individual.

The Front’s statement further praised Comrae Dr. Habash’s deep belief in the unity of the national struggle, and the Arab and international struggle, the necessity for developing democratic social and political organizations, and his commitment to the role and equal status of women in ensuring the triumph of the Palestinian and Arab cause.

The statement went on to praise Al-Hakim’s strict scientific delineation of the camps of allies and enemies, as well as his clear understanding of the need for explicit and determined internal struggle to prevent the vacillations of the bourgeoisie from undermining the Palestinian cause. Recalling his emphasis on the necessity of understanding the Zionist movement and how it functions as an enemy of the entire Arab people in the world, as well as the role of the Palestinian people and the Arab people in the international struggle, the PFLP statement called for such clear examination to be replicated today.

It recalled the importance of the interdependence of our struggle for national liberation with the Arab national movement as well as the international movement for freedom and progress on a global level, saying this is a condition for the victory of our Palestinian struggle. In addition, the PFLP statement recognized the clarity of Al-Hakim’s vision in utterly rejecting normalization and any concession to the United States and its false “settlements,” in particular his clear recognition and utter rejection of the horrible reality of the Oslo process from the earliest days.

The statement saluted Al-Hakim, a son of Palestine and the Arab nation, a leader of the working class and the popular classes in the Palestinian and Arab world and a symbol to all marginalized and oppressed peoples marching on the path to liberation and return.

One response to “PFLP on the second anniversary of the loss of Al-Hakim: Revolutionaries never die!

  1. Long live the legacy of Dr. George Habash!

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