Ka Mohan: photo essay

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8th) The Marxist-Leninist is posting a number of articles on Women’s Liberation. The following photo-essay features Ka Mohan, a woman fighter in the New People’s Army in  Northeastern Mindanao and is from Marco Valbuena, Media Liaison Officer of the Communist Party of the Philippines:

Celebrate the International Women’s Day with a firm resolve to fight for social change through protracted people’s war!

Ka (Comrade) Mohan is an NPA Red fighter who hails from the Manobo Tribe in Northeastern Mindanao. She is a young mother who aspire to help build a bright future for all children.

Mohan plays a part in a short play depicting the masses resistance against military abuses.

Ka Mohan attends a meeting with other comrades in an open-air session hall.

As officer-of-the-day, Ka Mohan leads her platoon in morning formation, inspecting each Red fighter's weapon.

Dancing the Manobo courtship dance with fellow Red fighters from the Manobo tribe.

Preparing for her part in the Party study course to be conducted by their unit.

One response to “Ka Mohan: photo essay

  1. missed ka mohan much and the rests of her comrades, thanks for posting this!

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