Philippines: Red Army ambush is stern warning against AFP-warlords clique this election

The following statement is from Philippine Revolution Web Central:

Recent Red Army ambush vs 25th IB-AFP, stern warning against AFP-warlords clique this election

Roel Agustin II
Conrado Heredia Command
Front 20 Operations Command
New People’s Army-Southern Mindanao
March 8, 2010

The fascist troops of 25th IB-AFP have yet again incurred fresh casualties following the successful ambuscade of the New People’s Army, March 5, in Monkayo town, Compostela Valley Province.

The ambush, which lasted an hour at dawn on Friday, left four dead and many severely wounded of the 70-strong Alpha Coy of the 25th IB-AFP under 1Lt. Inocencio. Red fighters of Conrado Heredia Command-Front 20 Operations Command-NPA engaged the enemy at Purok 7, Brgy. Salvacion.

The ambushed troops were part of the Brigade-operation spread around the adjacent barangays of gold-rich Diwalwal: the Alpha and Bravo companies in Brgy. Katipanan to Brgy. Pasian and the Charlie Coy in Brgy. Diwalwal. Special Operations Team (SOTs), armed troops that capitalize on civilian population for cover, also forcibly conducted anti-revolutionary consultations and meetings among residents. Two days after the ambush, March 7, at around 2PM, elements of Bravo Coy under 2Lt. Dacayo held at gunpoint and harassed nine civilians in Km. 56, Brgy. Pasian. Farmers’ food supplies were also confiscated as food blockade were mounted in communities.

The mercenary 25th IB-AFP can no longer hoodwink the people as to the real intention of their “clearing operations.” Time and again, its troops have proven themselves lowly henchmen for big local and foreign mining excursions in Monkayo, especially now that Higanteng Bato, a government-declared gold reserves site, is up for bidding. And in the fevered electoral campaign of the reactionary government, the 25th IB-AFP is also on the beck and call of the rabidly anti-people warlords as Compostela Valley Board Member Joselito Brillantes and Monkayo Mayor Manuel Brillantes to secure victory in the polls come May.

In many areas in Monkayo, the 25th IB-AFP troops are shamelessly campaigning for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s lapdog Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro, who is faring despicably in the presidential race.

The revolutionary government warns politicians who cuddle and employ armed groups in the election campaign. The Red Army shall render them legitimate targets and will penalize candidates who will not coordinate in their campaign in our base areas.

As the AFP runs berserk in its mercenary and fascist shenanigans, the Red Army meanwhile is undeniably gaining ground and consolidating the revolutionary movement’s influence nationwide.

In the series of tactical offensives since last year in Monkayo alone, we have seized more firearms, beefed up our ranks, inflicted major head and body blows against the enemy and gained more concrete experiences in guerrilla warfare. In the face of these glaring victories in the military and political arenas of the People’s War, the AFP and arrantly rotten reactionary government of GMA are stunned in humiliation, and less than three months before its self-imposed deadline, will be in haywire in order to overturn or at least downplay the patent defect of the Oplan Bantay Laya.

We enjoin the Filipino people to be vigilant of the maneuverings of the Arroyo administration this election and maximize the mounting conflict of the ruling class to advance the people’s interest for land reform, wage, social services and other democratic rights. The Red Army and the revolutionary government shall remain the people’s vanguards, in the same way that the People’s war is the lone answer to the people’s dream of national liberation.

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