Ang Bayan: Let the fires of armed struggle blaze like a prairie fire across the land

The following editorial from Ang Bayan, the organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines, is from the Philippine Revolution Web Central Blogs:

Ang Bayan April 7, 2010 editorial

The New People’s Army (NPA) and all the revolutionary forces are ready, able and determined to go allout in advancing guerrilla warfare to reach the strategic stalemate in the next five years.

In heeding the call issued by the Communist Party of the Philippines’ (CPP) central leadership to further intensify tactical offensives, the NPA launched small and big tactical offensives every other day in March. Last month, Red fighters annihilated 30 armed elements of the enemy and seized at least 60 firearms. These victories added to the joyous celebration by Red fighters, Party members, the revolutionary forces and the people of the NPA 41st anniversary within and outside the guerrilla fronts.

Through the CPP Central Committee’s statement issued on March 29, the revolutionary forces have become more enlightened on their tasks in further advancing guerrilla warfare and completing the stage of strategic defensive of the people’s war in the next five years and entering the stage of strategic stalemate. This has further strengthened the unity of the entire Party and all the revolutionary forces and fired up the determination of every Red commander and fighter to spread and advance people’s war to every corner of the nation.

The reactionary ruling classes tremble with fear, especially the worst reactionaries and power-hungry elements among them in the face of the further intensification of armed struggle. In their desperate attempt to maintain themselves in power, they have relentlessly used the entire fascist machinery of the puppet reactionary state to suppress the people’s armed and unarmed resistance. Oplan Bantay Laya, its exceedingly brutal nine-year long counterrevolutionary campaign has failed to defeat the revolutionary armed struggle. Nonetheless, the ruling classes will not relent in using fascist violence, deceit and terror in their foolish desire to suppress the people’s revolutionary resistance and block the continued advance of people’s war.

It is the duty of all leading cadres and members of the Party, commanders and fighters of the NPA and all the revolutionary forces to continue to closely study the enemy’s strategy and tactics to effectively defeat it and further advance people’s war. Party committees and NPA commands at all levels of leadership must take the lead in confronting the enemy’s military campaigns. The enemy’s movements must be closely monitored and quickly analyzed and appropriate, prompt and effective measures must be taken in response. Party committees and NPA commands must plan and coordinate the further intensification of guerrilla warfare in their respective areas of responsibility.

The revolutionary forces are now in a position to daringly mobilize hundreds of thousands up to several millions of people in all arenas of revolutionary struggle—in the further intensification of armed struggle, agrarian revolution and the mass movement; in further expanding and deepening the revolutionary mass base; and in meticulously establishing and raising the level of organs of political power. The Party must take deeper root among the masses and train cadres, members and mass activists in the various lines and spheres of work for the revolution. Let us give full sway to the masses’ initiative and creativity in waging resistance.

Urban-based Party units and revolutionary forces must contribute massively to the advance of people’s war. They must invigorate now and in the coming years their efforts to encourage, prepare and deploy thousands of cadres, members and activists from among the ranks of workers, educated youth, professionals and other sectors who are willing to offer themselves and their skills to advance armed struggle. Various political and propaganda initiatives as well as material support from the urban revolutionary movement to the armed struggle now raging in the vast countryside will also help in a big way.

As the fires of people’s war spread like a prairie fire across the nation, the enemy is sure to suffer even more demoralization and factiousness, especially among the AFP’s junior officers and rank-and-file. All leading Party committees and NPA commands must see that the necessary steps are taken to expand among enemy ranks, clandestinely recruit and mobilize them and in some cases, to cause them to openly defect for the revolution.

The Philippine revolution has a bright future. In the face of the relentlessly worsening chronic socio-economic crisis in the country and with the entire rotten ruling political system caught in the quagmire of successive and intense crises, the masses are intensely desirous opf revolutionary change. The fires of people’s war will certainly blaze like a prairie fire, spread across the nation and devour the rotten, exploitative and oppressive system in its flames as the people take action on a massive scale under the leadership of the Party and the revolutionary forces.

One response to “Ang Bayan: Let the fires of armed struggle blaze like a prairie fire across the land

  1. US imperialism currently spends over $700 billion per year on its military forces. On the other hand, the comrades of the NPA are elated over the capture of 60 weapons!

    Even more importantly they intend to win over the allegiance of the enemy’s soldiers. We have a lot to learn in the United States from our comrades in the Philipinnes.

    They prove Mao was right when he said the decisive thing in war is people and not things. US imperialism has huge quantities of things but everybody hates it. It won’t last much longer.

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