Vietnam: meeting celebrates Lenin’s 140th birthday

The following is from the website of the Communist Party of Vietnam:

A meeting to mark V.I. Lenin’s 140th birthday (April 22) was held in Hanoi on April 21, to stress the everlasting value of his thoughts and cause as well as his significance to revolutionaries around the world and in Vietnam.

On addressing the meeting, Truong Tan Sang, Politburo member and Permanent Secretary to the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee, highlighted Lenin’s great contributions to the working class cause, the struggle against imperialism, the struggle for peace, independence and the freedom of nations throughout the world.

During Vietnam’s revolution, Lenin’s thoughts opened up new horizons, and gave the Vietnamese people strength in their struggle for national liberation and the construction of socialism, he said.

While leading the revolution, the Party always creatively applies Lenin’s thoughts to the country’s situation, said Sang, adding that the people under Lenin’s flag and the Party’s leadership made the August Revolution a success, defeated the French colonialists and the US imperialists to unify the country.

Vietnam is now carrying out its task of building socialism and national defence to turn Vietnam into a strong country with prosperous people and a fair, democratic and civilised society, he stressed.

In the renewal process, the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people have raised public awareness of Marxism-Leninism and have creatively applied these principles to the country’s revolution, he stated.

3 responses to “Vietnam: meeting celebrates Lenin’s 140th birthday

  1. Vietnam is one of the last true Socialist States left in the World of the Marxlist Leninist Type.

  2. Comrade. You may be interested in examining our ML movement in the great struggle. We, like Lenin himsel,are not Stalinists…

  3. Congratulations to VIETNAM !
    A wonderful country which I hope being able to visit one day.

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