Nepal at a standstill for third day of Maoist-led indefinite general strike

The following article is from The Red Star, a newspaper of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist):Kathmandu, May 04 – The nationwide general political strike has entered into third consecutive day called by the Unified CPN (Maoist). The normal life throughout the nation has come to a complete halt.

As usual, people are staging demonstration at major intersections of the Kathamandu vally and in various parts of the country. As the previous days, transpotation services, government officies, banks, shops, factories, educational institution have remain closed in Kathmandu and all over the country.

Maoist leaders and cadres having their lunch on the road while demonstrating against the government. Photo - Dinesh Shrestha

But the Maoists have allowed the ambulances, water and milk tankers and vehicles of media, and diplomatic missions to operate during the general strike.

The demonstrations have been largely peaceful with some minor tensions in some parts of the country. In capital city some thugs related with parliamentarian parties had attacked shops and mediaperson on Tuesday morning. The Maoist leaders have clarified that none maoist cadres were involved in those incidents.

Meanwhile, the participantion of the demonstrators is increasing day after day in the movement. People in Kathmandu and outside are supporting the demonstrators providing water, snacks and lodging.

One response to “Nepal at a standstill for third day of Maoist-led indefinite general strike

  1. Yesterday we made an interview in french on this subject with a comrade of nepalese support committee in Paris

    To be heard on
    to morrow Thursday May 6th 11.00am local time

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