FARC-EP: May 1st, the Workers’ Day!

The following is a translation for The Marxist-Leninist of the statement for International Workers Day, May 1, from the website of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP), where it can be read in its original Spanish:

“Proletarians of all countries, unite!” – Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

It has been 162 years since the greatest thinkers and philosophers of the proletarian class, Marx and Engels, united in an unprecedented friendship in the history of humanity, and invited us to the unity, fraternity, and solidarity between exploited peoples of the world with the Communist Manifesto. These two great thinkers and tireless workers of intelligence armed the proletariat ideologically, and created consciousness in the proletarian class. More importantly, they scientifically described the universal historical mission to transform it, to bury the bourgeoisie as a class, and on its tomb, to build a new society without classes, where man gives up on being its own enemy.

Until then, scientific truth will and has shown itself through intricate social phenomena, but never before today, has this great truth been as evident and tangible as now. In the presence of the bourgeoisie’s moral and physical incapacity to continue running our planet, their irrational gains and insatiable appetite for profit have set up over half of social production in their own private properties. It has caused profound systematic crises, such as the economic crisis and the crises in food, energy, and climate. It has, in this time and place, all living species, including the human species, on the verge of disappearance. The celebrated quote of Rosa Luxemburg “Socialism or barbarism” has been changed to acquire a much more catastrophic character, where Socialism is no longer just an option of alternative policy, but has become a necessity as the only way to preserve life on Mother Earth. Now all living species are under the clear dilemma of “Socialism or death”; “Socialism or complete destruction”; “Socialism or the disappearance of all livings beings that inhabit this Earth”.

The Climate Summit that happened in Copenhagen (Denmark), marked by selfishness and bourgeois contradiction between objective laws of development and the very existence of capitalism as a system, showed that the fate of our planet cannot be in the hands of those who as a class have already fulfilled their historical role and have humanity and the planet on the verge of complete extinction. Instead it must be in the hands of the communities and progressive forces of the world, that embody the new development of the future and life itself, as was demonstrated at the recent summit on the 21st of April in Cochabamba (Bolivia) about Climate Change and the rights of Mother Earth, which was promoted by social organizations, led by president Evo Morales, and had indigenous peoples from 135 countries participating in it.

On this 1st of May, and under this world context, the FARC-EP salutes the working class of Colombia and all of the workers who have the particular and transcendental task to organize under the currency of the moment: unity. To win back in the streets, our historical rights which were won in long and bloody days of struggle, and Uribe has trampled on by eliminating of “La Prima de Junio” for retirees and the same for “la Prima de Antigüedad” which has increased the age of retirement, and increased evaluation weeks to receive a pension; by ending job security; by closing hospitals; by increasing fees for publics services; by eliminating hundreds of jobs; by raising the sales tax (IVA) and extending them to many necessary items; by increasing indirect taxes including the 4 per thousand of the permanently rising gas prices; by shamelessly attempting (which was already knocked down by the Supreme Court) and under the “umbrella” of “Social Emergency”, through 16 decrees, to imposed a health system that was clearly inhumane and classist that did away with protection for high cost treatments leaving patients to pay with their saving, layoffs, and heritage and disqualifying health professionals and made services more commercialized.

At this moment there are 22 paramilitary groups committing crimes with about 11,000 armed men, the same number and the same amount as in 2002 when Uribe Velez took office. Thus the “Democratic Security” should be summarized as a war against the people that is characterized by “constant violations of human rights, daily violations of international humanitarian law, criminalization, persecution,” and “wiretapping” of political opposition, and forced exile and displacement of peoples.

Never before has a night of torture and denial of life in all its forms been so long for a community as these 8 years have been under “Democratic Security,” where nearly 20 million countrymen entered poverty, 9 million in absolute misery, 4 million displaced, where 1,250 people (mostly women and children) are forcibly uprooted from their land on an average of every 24 hours, and 8,000 disappeared persons. Between 1998 and 2008 1,365 indigenous peoples were assassinated; between 2002 and 2009 1,300 countrymen were assassinated in cold blood as “false positives” by the Public Forces between obeying orders from the minister of defense Juan Manuel Santos; and between 2002 and 2009 more than 479 union leaders were assassinated.

During this government of crime, para-policy, drug-trafficking, mafia, and corruption, the state institutions, with a few exceptions, have absolutely decomposed and already smell foul, members of the state resemble the live reincarnation of the Monster of “Casa de Nariño”. 133 people of Congress and ex-people of Congress have been under investigation for their connections with paramilitaries; and are also being investigated for serious crimes such as the murder and forced disappearances of 14 ex-governors, 7 deputies, and 35 lawyers, the vast majority belonging to the party of the current President of the Republic.

The obsession with discrediting the Supreme Court is based on self-preservation on the part of Uribe and all of his cohorts involved in paramilitary activity and crimes against humanity. The same terror that they give, the future president arriving has to be someone that is not connected to this motorbike, to the para-policy, drug-trafficking, and to the corruption because in order to advance this new guest of the Casa de Nariño must allow investigations into all killings, crimes and acts of corruption that have “cooked” inside the Presidential Palace, such as Tasmania and the conspiracy case against the Court, where other than the President they are implicating Santiago and Mario Uribe (brother and cousin of Uribe); and the Yiddish policy, the mysterious assassination of Francisco Villalba, the single witness and participant in the massacre of El Aro (Antioquia) who directly accused the Chief Executive of giving the order, in the presence of Carlos Castaño, Mancusso, and Santiago Uribe, when the President was governor of Antioquia.

All of our natural resources have been delivered to the greed of foreign capital under secret contracts. The most profitable companies in the country such as Telecom and Granahorrar have been given away and privatized. Everything is a market, even the air we breathe. The theft of “Agro Ingreso Seguro” is a testament to the serious corruption and Carimagua is a perversity and a cruel joke against the displaced peoples. The wire tapping is an attack on the rule of law and is a huge expression of a police state. The new Congress is the result of patronage, vote buying, intimidation, and fraud and is composed mostly of gray figures linked to paramilitaries and drug trafficking, members of Uribismo and the omen of thunderstorms which increase blood and corruption.

Never before, with any government has this complete trampling on our sovereignty happened as it has with the unpatriotic Alvaro Uribe Velez; where Colombia has been practically annexed to the United States as a colony; where with 7 gringo military bases Colombia loses its identity and faces the absence of sovereignty while the gringo invader enjoys impunity to indulge their sexual aberrations as with the 12 year old girl raped in Tolima, and criminal instincts run wild under the influence of drug addiction. Meanwhile the submissive and right-wing traitors, subjects without qualification, bow to kiss the boots of the Yankees, proud to have been chosen by the master to do dishonor.

It is urgent that the community kicks out the despicable tenants of the Casa de Nariño to finally end their objectionable Mafia methods, and their corrupt criminal practices and behavior.

The health of our homeland calls for a government of unity, multi-party reconciliation, and national reconstruction the road to a political solution to the social and armed conflict that exists in the nation in order to make Colombia a free and sovereign country where social justice is the beacon that lights the path of socialism, without exploited peoples and exploiters.

Long Live International Workers Day!

Long Live the Big Homeland and Socialism!

Long Live the Bicentennial of our first Independence!

Secretariado del Estado Mayor Central, FARC-EP
April 30th,2010, from the mountains of Colombia.

2 responses to “FARC-EP: May 1st, the Workers’ Day!

  1. vivan los compañeros que luchan incansablemente por la libertad de nuestros pueblos hermanos soy chileno y desde chile un gran abrazo de camaradas a los grandes guerrilleros que con orgullo y valor empuñaron las armas contra la oligarquia que nos azota a todos en latinoamerica viva el comunismo vivan el glorioso ejercito de las farc lucharemos hasta vencer o morir por la justicia y por la paz como lo dice el gran camarada Julian Conrado en sus canciones

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