Support the Colombian Revolution!

The following resolution is from the 6th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization:

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization salutes the heroic struggle of the Colombian people in their fight for national liberation and socialism, and fully supports their struggle for freedom from U.S. imperialism.

We support the movements for social justice in Colombia who are fighting heroic struggles against the Uribe administration and against multi-national corporations including Coca-Cola, BP Amoco, Occidental Oil, and Drummond Coal. The ruling class, which also includes narco-traffickers, and the Colombian oligarchy, which includes large landowners, all use death squads funded by U.S. tax dollars to try to crush the people’s movements. We stand in solidarity with the broad and militant people’s movements that includes trade unions, student organizations, and campesino groups fighting against free trade and military policies.

Ricardo Palmera (Simon Trinidad)

We demand freedom for all Colombian political prisoners, both those held in Colombia, and those held in the United States. The U.S. government kidnapped Ricardo Palmera (Simon Trinidad), and has tried and imprisoned him and Anayibe Rojas Valderrame (Sonia) in clear violation of Colombian sovereignty. The U.S. needed four trials in order to get the guilty verdict against Palmera they wanted. Comrade Palmera is now serving a 63-year sentence and being held at a maximum-security facility in the U.S. under the most severe conditions possible. He has been in solitary confinement for all of the seven years of his unlawful detainment and imprisonment, and is denied any mail or contact, even sometimes with his lawyers. Palmera is now being put on trial again, in a desperate attempt by the Colombian government to strike at the FARC. During this video trial from the U.S. prison he is shackled and hooked to a machine that sends paralyzing electrical shocks if he moves too quickly. This treatment is inhumane and must stop.

We denounce the nearly 6 billion dollars the U.S. government has given the right-wing death squad Colombian government through Plan Colombia since 2001. We oppose the U.S. expansion of seven military bases that will aid the Colombian government in their war on their own people. Plan Colombia is the true machine of terror, as it provides military training, equipment, personnel, planes, guns, and chemicals to the Colombian government so it can continue a bloody civil war. The U.S. Empire must be stopped!

We support the Colombian people’s right to arm themselves against the right-wing death squads and the Colombian government. The FARC-EP and other organizations fighting for national liberation are fighting for freedom for the Colombian people. We denounce the Colombian government and its paramilitary death squads who terrorize the movements for social justice that demand an end to the Colombian oligarchy. We condemn the Colombian government, which is directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Colombians, while attempting to shift the blame for their massacres to Leftist guerillas. The current Uribe presidency must be removed from power. Political power, along with Colombia’s natural resources, must be placed in the hands of the Colombian people!

We salute, and stand with all revolutionary forces waging a courageous fight against U.S. imperialism. We believe the Colombian revolution, in conjunction with other progressive movements in Latin America, will lead the way in putting power back into the hands of the workers and peasants. We believe the FARC-EP, who are the vanguard of the revolution, and who have struggled for peace, sovereignty and social justice, stand firmly at the head of this unstoppable movement that will bring peace and justice to Colombia and inspire more revolution throughout Latin America. We salute the Colombian people for their heroic struggle!

Down with U.S. imperialism!
Stop Plan Colombia!
¡Que viva la lucha Colombiana!

One response to “Support the Colombian Revolution!

  1. Glory and victory to Farc-EP The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam supports the Revolution in Colombia to the upmost and we encourage all of our friends and allies to do the same.

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