General Vo Nguyen Giap celebrates his 100th birthday!

The following article is from Nhan Dan newspaper, the Central Organ of the Communist Party of Vietnam

Party chief visits General Vo Nguyen Giap

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh visited and congratulated General Vo Nguyen Giap on August 23 in Hanoi on the occasion of the General’s 100th birthday (August 25).

Party General Secretary Manh, on behalf of leaders of the Party, State, Army and people, thanked and spoke highly of General Giap’s significant contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Party and the nation.

“General Giap is forever a bright example, an excellent disciple of President Ho Chi Minh, the eldest brother of the armed forces, an eminent strategist and commander-in-chief admired by international friends and a source of great pride for the Vietnamese Party, State and people,” Manh stressed.

General Vo Nguyen Giap, right, seen with Ho Chi Minh, centre, in 1954 before starting the Dien Bien Phu campaign

The General Secretary wished General Giap good health and longevity and said he hoped the general would make more contributions to the Party and the country.

Following elder generations, the Party, State and people of Vietnam are determined to seize opportunities and overcome challenges to speed up national industrialisation and modernisation, to firmly build and and defend the socialist nation, the Party leader affirmed.

General Vo Nguyen Giap thanked the leaders of the Party and the State for their due attention and Party General Secretary Manh for his best wishes. (VNA)

9 responses to “General Vo Nguyen Giap celebrates his 100th birthday!

  1. Is doing nuclear relations with the US a “speed up national industrialization & modernization” as well? I would highly doubt it. Fact of the matter is that Vietnam is doing deals with the class enemy.

  2. Happy Birthday General!

  3. The fundamental question that you raise comrade BJ Murphy, is one of compromise. Yes Vietnam is doing deals with the class enemy, but in reality, they represent the Unity of Opposites and we as communists cant deny the relationships between these two sides and a peacefull compromise benefits all of humanity not just the Vietmanese Communists or the Americans.
    We must remember that all socialist/communist/progressive countries have and will continue to come to some form of compromise with the class enemy at some point or another. Does China ring any bells? The class enemy wont go away over night. The USSR compromised with the Germans, United Kingdom, United States, along with many other countries before,during and after the second world war. Compromise doesnt make them less Communist. Lenin was quite clear about this in his writings entitled “Left Wing Communism, An Infantile Disorder”. You will find it on page 61 Chapter8 under the heading: No Compromise?
    I hope this sheds some light on the issue.
    In Working Class Solidarity, Andrew.

  4. Luis Lazaro Tijerina


    The great son of Vietnam,
    how you traveled through the long years
    from your village of An Xa, in Quāng Bihn province,
    where beautiful orchids and the great Gianh
    River, and the Ron and Ly Hoa rivers, flow to the sea
    and where the high mountain summits,
    Peak Co Rilata and Peak Co Preu,
    are covered with green…
    Military history and philosophy were your guides,
    hidden volcanoes under the swirling snows of the living.
    How is it that you have remained so young?
    Your mentor Ho Chi Minh, your victory at Dien Bien Phu,
    Now memories of the ancient past.
    You once said, “My spirit is still young, my heart still remains young.”
    On your hundredth birthday,
    passed in obscurity
    in an Army Hospital in Hanoi,
    I send you this bright flower
    to go with your gem-stoned Thang Long Dragon.

    Luis Lázaro Tijerina

  5. bakhshal thalho


  6. Long Live Communist Movement Across The Globe.

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