Fidel Castro’s speech at the University of Havana

The following is the text of Fidel Castro’s speech this morning to a mass rally at the University of Havana:

My dear comrades:

I asked that we meet early, before the heat of our sun becomes too intense.

This stairway, to which I never imagined I would be returning, keeps some indelible memories of the years when I began to become aware of our era and our duty. One can acquire knowledge and awareness throughout one’s lifetime but never in any other stage of one’s existence will a person again have the purity and selflessness with which, being young, one faces up to life. At that age, I discovered my true destiny.

Thus it is inevitable that, at these moments, I am accompanied by the memory of so many comrades whom I knew exactly 65 years ago. It was during the first week of September that I entered this University, the only one in the country. It is best that I don’t even try to ask for each one of them, and I just hold on to the memory of when they were all young and full of enthusiasm and, as a rule, selfless and pure.

I am extremely encouraged to have present those who today, as we were in yesteryear, even incomparably more well-educated, freer and more aware.

In those days, the power of the brute force and the brutality of force fell upon this university hill, the lack of conscience and the corruption applied upon our people.

Thanks to the example of those preceding us, to the students massacred at the demand of the hordes called the Spanish volunteers, many of whom were born in this country who took up service for the Spanish tyranny, thanks to the Apostle of our Independence and to the blood spilt by dozens of thousands of patriots in three wars of Independence, we have really been preceded by a history which inspired our struggles. We didn’t deserve to be a colony of an empire that was even more powerful, that took over our Homeland and a good portion of our national conscience, sowing fatalism with the idea that it was impossible to shake off such a hefty yoke.

Worse still, a powerful exploiting sector had arisen which, at the service of the Empire’s interests, was plundering the wealth of our people, keeping them shackled and ignorant by force and, not on a few occasions, using others born in the country to act as the torturers and murderers of their own brothers and sisters.

The Revolution put an end to those horrors and it is because of that that we are able to meet here on this September morning.

How far away we were after the triumph to think that, on an occasion like this, we would be returning to meet in efforts even greater and with higher aims than those which, at a certain time, seemed to us to be the highest goals of peoples, in the name of justice and happiness for human beings.

It would not seem to be possible that a country as small as Cuba would be seen forced to carry the weight of the struggle against those who have globalized and submitted the world to an inconceivable plunder, and have imposed a system which today is threatening the very survival of humankind.

I am not speaking only in favour of the interests of our nation. One might say that such objectives have been left behind, in the measure that existence and the well-being of peoples stopped being our objectives, in the name of world interests, without which the life of nations is impossible. It is also certain that, in our struggles for national and social emancipation, our country, the bastion of Spanish colonialism in this hemisphere, was the first to be occupied and the last to rid itself of the yoke after more than 400 years of domination.

Our struggle for national liberation was mixed together with the tenacious efforts of the workers of our country for their social liberation. It was not an act of will; it was an act of fate. The merit of the Cuban people is that they knew how to understand and strengthen the indissoluble bonds between both. (Applause and cries of “¡Viva Fidel!”)

The time humankind has to fight this battle is incredibly limited. Throughout more than three months of unceasing struggle I modestly made the effort to reveal, to an inattentive world, the terrible dangers that threaten human life on our planet. It is well-known, and I have no other alternative than to remember the fact, that we are not living in an age of chivalry and the steel of the swords accompanied by crossbows that were preceded for centuries by battering rams that demolished walls or tried to do so, or war chariots drawn by horses with knives mounted on the wheels; weapons, in brief, always cruel, but with limited destructive power that humans used to wage war on each other since they invented the mace, up to World Wars I and II, when automatic weapons were used , tanks, combat planes and flying fortresses, submarines, torpedoes, armoured vehicles and aircraft carriers that raised the toll of lives lost to tens of millions of humans, and to hundreds of millions of victims of destruction, the wounded, the sick and the hungry, inevitable consequences of wars.

Two nuclear devices were used at the end of the last war. Mankind had never before conceived such terrible destruction and extermination. More than 60 years ago we speak of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; with that we have indicated that the destructive power of accumulated weapons is equal to more than four hundred and forty times the power of one of those bombs. That’s how it is, that’s what mathematics tells us. I add no more because I would have to use rather tough words about the causes and the people responsible for that extremely sad reality.

But that was not enough. The desire for economic and military domination by the first ones to use those terrifying instruments of destruction and death lead humankind to the real possibility of dying out, which we face today. I don’t need to give you arguments for something you already know very well. The problem of peoples today, shall we say, of more than seven billion human beings, is to prevent that such a tragedy should occur.

I am not happy speaking about the painful truth that constitutes something of shame for everything that is identified as policy or government. This truth was deliberately hidden from the world and the difficult task of warning humankind of the real danger it is facing has fallen upon Cuba. We must not falter in that activity. Faced with sceptics, our unmistakable duty is to continue fighting the battle. It is a fact that a growing number of persons in the world have become aware of the reality.

Commenting on the first part of the interview published on Monday, August 30 by the director of La Jornada in that prestigious Mexican newspaper, a citizen of Our America who read it on the CubaDebate website voiced his opinion with words that were so profound that I decided to include the crux of his thoughts in this message to the university students of Cuba:

“I call out to all the countries that today are involved in military conflicts. Please, always think about achieving true peace, that is what we need most. Our children, our grandchildren and the human beings of this world, all of us will thank you. We need to live in peace and security on a planet that day by day becomes less liveable. It is very easy to understand. Nuclear weapons should disappear, no country should have them, atomic energy should only be used for good. THE ONLY REAL VICTORY IS IN ACHIEVING PEACE.

“Today we face two great challenges: the consolidation of world peace and saving the planet from climatic changes. The first is to achieve a lasting peace on solid bases, the second is to reverse climate change. We have to become aware of these problems that we ourselves have created and that we are the protagonists of the changes we must attain. The panorama of the last century was not the same as the one in this century. Weaponry, at this time, is much more sophisticated and deadly and the planet is weaker and more polluted.

“World Conference on Climate Change in Cancun […] the only opportunity left to us. […] We are getting to a critical point where there is no turning back. At that moment, because we are afraid, we would like to do anything to save our lives, but by now everything is in vain and it is too late. The opportunities in our lives appear before us just once and we must know how to make use of them. Our Mother Nature is like a passive smoker who still has not become addicted, we are making her sick indiscriminately.”

“Nobody has the right to use violence against any human being, country or nation. Nobody can cut down a tree if he hasn’t first planted three. […] We cannot turn our backs on nature. Quite the opposite, we must always embrace her tightly. Because we ourselves are nature, we are part of that fan of many colours, sounds, balance and harmony. Nature is perfect.

“Kyoto signified hope for all human beings …”

“If we do nothing. Nobody will be saved, there will be no safe place on earth, not in the air, not in the cosmos. The great energy that accumulates daily because of the greenhouse effect, since the solar rays are trapped and emit more energy every day onto the surface of the earth. It will cause natural disasters having unpredictable consequences. Would there be anyone on earth with a button that would be able to stop such a disaster?”

“…we cannot lose any time on anachronistic wars that weaken us and use up our energies. Enemies make wars. Let us eliminate all the causes that make men see other men as their enemies. Not even those who face each other in a war are aware that this is the solution to their problems, they react to their emotions and ignore their consciences mistakenly thinking that the road to peace is war. I say, without the least margin for error, that peace is attained with peace and: IF YOU WANT PEACE, GET READY TO CHANGE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS (Applause).”

Here you have the essence of his words, quite simple and within the reach of any citizen on earth.

On Wednesday, September 1st, as I was writing this message, information appearing on the CubaDebate website brought us the following news: “A new wave of leakage about an attack on Iran’s nuclear targets being prepared by Israel together with the United States might this time have a basis in reality, as expressed in an article printed this Tuesday by George Friedman, the executive director of the prestigious Stratfor Centre, which has some former CIA analysts among its collaborators..” He is a well educated person with prestige.

The information goes on to say:

“There have been numerous occasions on which different versions of the possible attack on the Islamic Republic presumably filtered from secret services have been spread. According to experts, it dealt with an attempt to exert psychological pressure on Teheran to make it seek consensus with the West.”

“…this technique didn’t work and it is highly unlikely that it will be used again with the same objective, states Friedman…”

“‘It is a paradox, but the new slew of rumours about war may this time be directed towards trying to convince Iran precisely that there will be no war, while in reality, war is now being prepared’ …”

“The analyst completely discards the fact that Tel Aviv is daring to embark on a military operation without counting on the support of the Pentagon.”

“At the same time, the expert warns that the most serious consequence of the possible attack against Iran would be that the Islamic Republic would block the Strait of Ormuz, between the Oman and Persian Gulfs, and that would collapse 45% of world oil supplies thus shooting prices sky high and making world economic recovery after the recession difficult.”

Thus concludes the information.

I find it incredible that the fear of an attack is due to consequences that the price of oil may suffer and to the struggle against the recession. I myself do not harbour the least doubt that the capacity for Iran’s conventional answer would provoke a ferocious war, control of which would escape the hands of the warring parties and it would become an irremediable global nuclear conflict. That is what I maintain.

An important AFP dispatch states that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned this Wednesday in a BBC interview when talking about his memoirs being released, that the international community might have no other alternative than the military option if Iran were to develop nuclear weapons.”

It continues:

“Blair concluded that he thought that there was no alternative to this if they continue developing nuclear weapons. They should receive this message loud and clear, he added, echoing a threat that has already been made several times by the US and Israel.

Of course, if they are manufacturing nuclear weapons they have no proof nor can they have any proof because they are using some research centres, doing research; they don’t have, for up to two or three years as they themselves have admitted, any material to begin manufacturing a bomb. This without taking into account that manufacturers of nuclear weapons have 25,000 nuclear weapons, without counting the unimaginable conventional ones. They have no proof of this, it’s a research centre. Is that a reason to attack them? Having a plant producing electrical energy, coming from uranium, that’s nothing constituting a crime and for them it is proof they are manufacturing weapons. They have already done it, they did it in 1981 against an Iraqi research centre, and they did it in 2007 against a Syrian research centre; they didn’t talk about that, it’s somewhat of a mystery why they didn’t speak of it. Because there are terrible things happening that nobody talks about and nobody prints them.

Well, that is the proof, because they are talking about attacking those reactors and those research centres. That’s why one cannot become confused by the little words “if they try” to manufacture nuclear weapons.

A new dispatch from the ITAR-TASS agency reports that sanctions against Iran will not report any desired results, the Iranian problem must not be resolved by any method using force. Today, Sergei Lavrov, head of Russian diplomatic services, stated this in his speech before students –what a coincidence – of the MGIMO International Affairs Institute.”

And the cable goes on:

“We come from the idea that no world problem should be resolved using force, he stated. Lavrov drew attention to the position of US President Barack Obama in regard to Iran, especially involving Iran in the negotiated process. We welcome a normalization in US-Iran relations, he added.

I would think that Russia is not just a member of the Security Council with the right to veto, but also a powerful country whose opinion cannot be ignored. Independently of the fact that in that Resolution of June 9th, all those with the right to veto supported the Resolution. Turkey and Brazil did not support it, and Lebanon abstained. That was a very important moment because the Resolution was approved; it authorized inspection of Iranian merchant vessels and also established a term, they said it was 90 days, and some say it expires on the 9th, other say on the 7th. It also says that on that day they have to inform if they attacked or not.

Now we must sit back and wait to see what they will do in this situation, how they value world opinion, what effect it will have, if they will invent another term or not, if they declare they are not going to do it, or if they ratify that they are going to do it, it might take a bit longer, but it cannot be a lot of time.

I recommend that we are watchful, that we ask our information media to communicate to us, so that we can closely follow the situation.

Thanks to the electronic media there are persons in the world, a growing number of persons who are being informed, because they cannot prevent that, besides even if the news agencies and the great information media in the hands of the powerful capitalist corporations keep silent, the world is finding out about it. I tell you this because of the number of messages that are arriving. I read you one opinion that I selected: it is at 4:52, at 4:54, another at 4:55, the comrades who collect these explain that they are coming from all parts of the world, not just from Latin America. It is impossible to collect and comment on them all, we have an idea about the state of opinions, about their credibility or not, and I can tell you that they are being given great credibility just as you are doing. It is clear, and that is decisive. It is a new stage, never have we seen a situation like this.

Therefore, I suggest to you, and to all our compatriots that are trying to be aware, and to our press media that inform us, because at times the international press keeps strangely silent and then suddenly a series of news items appears. The ones that are going to come out next, each day they will be more interesting.

Nobody can say exactly what is going to happen, because these events are unravelling.

What is going to happen on the 7th, the 9th, the 15th, the 20th? We have to make our plans, work plans, everyone makes their own. As for me, I will be concentrating; I am concentrating on this for a while now, collecting as much information as possible.

But in all this, we all play a part in the job, a part of the responsibility that doesn’t mean that we have to stop whatever we are doing.

Also, another very important country, it is the last one mentioned here, because it was the last cable, yesterday afternoon.

A Reuters dispatch states that the European Union is pressuring China to comply with sanctions against Iran.

Because besides the famous June 9th agreement, number 1929, establishing the sanctions I mentioned, these European satellite powers and those from other parts, imposed additional sanctions to strangle the country and, in this case, they were complaining about China, also about Russia in terms of what they were going to do, but it stated thus:

“The official responsible for the European Union foreign policy, Catherine Ashton, said on Thursday that China had been pressured to ensure that Chinese companies would not fill the void left by other companies that had abandoned Iran because of the sanctions …” It doesn’t say what sanctions, whether the ones by the Council or theirs, they must be referring to all of them, of course. .

Any honest person can understand the complexity of the very serious problem that today threatens the world.

Comrades, university students, as in other times which seem far away and which seem to me to have been just yesterday, I thank you for your presence and for the moral support you are providing for this struggle for peace (Applause). I urge you to not give up fighting for this. In this struggle, as in many others in years past, victory is possible (Applause).

May human life be preserved! May children and youth enjoy life in a world of justice! May parents and grandparents share with them the privilege of living!

The fair distribution of material and spiritual wealth, which mankind is capable of creating through the fabulous development of productive forces, that is the only possible alternative.

Thank you very much.

September 3, 2010


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  1. kalashnnikov red

    viva fidel

  2. Interview with member of the Secretariat of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia and secretary for International Affairs of the League of Communist Yugoslav Youth (SKOJ) comrade Marijan Kubik (Mariyan Kubik) about SKOJ and situation in Serbia

    Tell us briefly about the history of the organization. Which party inspires its political orientation?

    The League of Communist Yugoslav Youth (SKOJ) was re-established on January 25, 1992 in Belgrade as the continuator of revolutionary traditions of the original SKOJ which emerged in 1919, and was abolished in 1948. SKOJ was revived in the form a youth organization of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ), the only Marxist-Leninist party in the territory of the former Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, but it is also active as an independent political organization, therefore it is registered as such at the competent authorities. The SKOJ members make one third of the entire NKPJ membership. SKOJ is the only youth organization from this region which is registered as a member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth.

    Which changes have your organization undergone in respect to the disintegration of Yugoslavia? You are active only in Serbia?

    The Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) did not disintegrate, as some people argue and try to prove it. It is violently thrown and broken up. The collapse of SFRY was perpetrated by Western imperialism. The easiest way for removal of socialism in our country was inspiration of ethnic conflicts that led to a local bloody, fratricidal war. In their anti-Yugoslav operation, the Western capitalists profusely used the services of separatist and nationalistic governments. SKOJ will be putting a word for the restoration based on voluntary, equal and mutually useful principles of the union of all Yugoslav nations and national minorities in the territory of the entire former Yugoslavia. In accordance with such endeavors, SKOJ has members in all Republics of the former Yugoslavia.

    How would you describe your relations with Communists and Komsomol members in Croatia and other former Yugoslav Republics?

    Our relations with youth communist and labor organizations in the territory of the former Yugoslavia with whom we share the same ideals and pursuits are marked by respect and solidarity. The common pursuits and actions were confirmed during this year’s regional meeting held in Belgrade on July 30.

    It has been more then 10 years now since the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia. Do the Serbian people still remember this aggression? What do people think about it?

    Between 24 March and 11 June 1999, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and its 12 million inhabitants were faced with the ruthless attack of the strongest military force in the world. Bearing in mind the human potential of the aggressor countries 764 million inhabitants, the ratio was 1:70. The territorial ratio was 1:234, and economic power 1:676. A comparison of the military might is hard to set, due to the complete qualitative and quantitative disproportion. In the NATO aggression on FR Yugoslavia, nearly 27.000 sorties, were made. More than 8.200 involved the use of weaponry.. About 2.300 strikes were carried out against 995 sites (“targets”) in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. A significant number of infrastructure facilities have been destroyed, more than 50 bridges were demolished The Serbian Broadcasting Corp (RTS) Building in the heart of Belgrade was bombed, causing the death of 17 RTS employees. The Novi Sad Radio-Television building was also destroyed, as well as several other electronic when the “Usce” business tower in Belgrade was targeted. 37 radio and TV relay towers and broadcasting facilities have been bombed. The telephone-telecommunication installations throughout the country were also raided. The list includes the TV tower on Mt. Avala, relay towers on Mt. Kopaonik, Mt. Jastrebac and Mt. Cer, the “Prilike” satellite station near Ivanjica, and the post office buildings in Uzice and Pristina. The aggressor planes bombed 53 medical facilities, and direct hits or aftereffects of bombing damaged or destroyed more than 300 preschool facilities, schools and tourism facilities. the “Dr. Dragisa Misovic” Hospital, the Surdulica Health Center, the Nis Clinical Center, the “Marija Bursac” elementary school in Belgrade, the elementary schools in Resnik, Batajnica and Rakovica, the “Jugoslavija” Hotel in Belgrade and the “Baciste” Hotel on Mt. Kopaonik are just a few examples of what the military structures pharisaically called legitimate military objective or collateral damage. The history of warfare will also mark the bombing of the embassy of PR China in Belgrade, when three Chinese citizens were killed. The overall damage to the economy and infrastructure is estimated at 100 billion dollars In the aggression on FR Yugoslavia, NATO breached dozens of international conventions, amongst others the convention on damages caused by oil pollution, on benzol poisoning, on the prevention of cancer risks, on transborder air-pollution over great distances, on the ozone layer protection, on the preservation of flora and fauna… Out of the 1.200 civilians killed 30 per cent were children, and out of the 5.000 wounded, as much as 40 per cent were the small ones. NATO aggression over FRY was imperialistic attack. The goal of western imperialists was very clear; they want to bring occupation troops on territories of Kosovo and Metohija. The least we can do is not to join, ten years later, the union whose war tactic rested at forcing Serbia into capitulation through making as much collateral damage as possible.

    What position Serbia’s current government holds in relation to such events?

    In 2006 Serbia was admitted to the Partnership for Peace Programme. In his speech at the session of the North Atlantic Union, he Serbian President Boris Tadic said that the admission of Serbia to the Partnership for Peace is only the first step which would culminate by the entire integration of the region into NATO. He marked the admission to the Partnership for Peace as the commencement of a new chapter in history of democratic freedoms in the South-East Europe. SKOJ acts in opposition to such policy. Neither Partnership for Peace nor NATO is place for Serbia.

    Is it possible to talk about the Europeanization of Serbia? How strong is the impact of mass culture in contemporary Serbian society?

    The advocacy of the European Union is evident at every step in Serbia. The accession to the European Union is presented as the final solution of all problems in Serbia, and each problem is interpreted as a consequence of the fact that Serbia is not in EU. Whoever is against EU is labeled as backward by the pro-imperialist bourgeois Serbian regime.

    Is Serbia planning to join the EU? What is the attitude of its government in that regard? What do people think of such an idea?

    In December 2009, the Serbian Government submitted the official application for EU membership. The opinions of Serbian citizens are strongly divided due to the heavy pressures by EU as well as the enormous propaganda whose purpose is acceleration of Serbia’s admission to an imperialist organization. SKOJ expressly opposes Serbia’s accession to EU. Let us only remember the EU’s role during the bloody fratricidal civil war in the territory of Yugoslavia the direct inspirer of which was EU itself backed by the imperialist United States of America and NATO. EU’s aim is not unification of nations, but the absolute liberalization within economic sphere which should ensure extra profits for the financial oligarchy which in collaboration with USA and NATO implements the imperialist politics all over the world. There is no doubt that the EU’s expansion towards the East should only enable the Western bourgeoisie to extend its markets for the sake of exploitation as well as to provide maximal protection of the invested capital in harmony with the laws dictated by the EU itself, whereby it gains enormous profit and profusely employs cheap and rightless labor force. The all capitalist “reforms” in Serbia, carried out on its “European path”, and similar “reforms” carried out in the former European socialist countries made us regress to the period of the bandit-like original accumulation of capital, transforming the economy into the peripheral workshops of multinational companies that sweep away, in the atmosphere of unequal powers and discriminating conditions, billions of Euros of profit to the imperialist West. Today, more than ever before, Serbia is in the firm hands of the foreign capital. The major part of the gross domestic product accounts for the private sector which is absolutely dominated by the Western capital. SKOJ does not call for closing, isolation and confrontation but for equal and mutually useful cooperation accompanied by mutual respect.
    The perspective that the Communists offer is not the Europe united on the capitalist bases, but democratic, freedom-loving, SOCIALIST EUROPE.

    What is your attitude in regard of the problem of Kosovo? What are the prospects for resolving this problem?
    One of the most complex causes of today’s Kosovo drama stems from the impaired international relations provoked by domination of the USA after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Those nations who live in Kosovo must independently decide on all issues related to economic, cultural, political and social development. After the armory aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia NATO troops came to Kosovo and built the biggest military base in Europe – Bondsteel. During the NATO bombing, American airplanes discharged to the territory of Kosovo about ten millions of impoverished uranium. According to Pristina journal “Ekspres”, Kosovo took over the leading position in the region in regard of the number of cancer-caused deaths, since around 5,000 people annually dies of cancer due to the increased radioactivity, which is tree times more than it was the case before the war. What illustrates the seriousness of this problem with impoverished uranium is the fact that out of 225 Italia soldiers who took part in the KFOR mission, 45 of them died of malign diseases, whereas 25 of them got children with genetic abnormalities. About 73 percent of working population is unemployed, and more than a half of the unemployed is under 35. Kosovo and Metohija produce almost three times less electric power than before 1999. Factories almost do not operate at all, or utilize only 10 percent of its capacities. The major problems of Kosovo are organized crime and corruption as well as endangered state of human rights. The major industries are in hands of the NATO occupier which freely disposes of and collect profit from what was created in the best interest of the peoples of Kosovo Metohija in the last five decades. The current occupation is not in the long-term and real interests of the peoples of Kosovo and Metohija, it is only in the interest of imperialist-expansionist goals of NATO. The goals of various international “peace” committees’ policies is further intensification of the existing state on basis of the principle “divide and conquer”. Peace, unity and progress of all Balkan nations are possible only if the imperialism leaves the historical-political scene. Peace, unity and progress of all Balkan nations will be possible only when the imperialist domination, guided by the dictum “divide and conquer” gives way to the unity of working people of the Balkans, their resistance and collapse of the imperialist, neocolonial gives. SKOJ is of the opinion that Kosovo and Metohija are integral part of Serbia which is occupied by the Western imperialism. Therefore, SKOJ demands that the occupation NATO troops leave Kosovo and Metohija.

    Does your organization operate in Kosovo?

    SKOJ and NKPJ have their members on Kosovo. There are Albanians among them as well. Many of them were the victims of repression due to their pro-Yugoslav orientation in the last two decades.

    What is the role of the Church today, is it progressive or reactionary?

    Serbian Orthodox Church in this moment is primarily recognizable as a dominant political force in continual partnership with power structures. It is part of what ecclesiastical history identifies as ‘the union between throne and altar’. The Church is present today in all pores of the public life. The leadership of the Serbian Orthodox Church supported in 2000 the opposition in its fight against Milosevic, it has the decisive impact on introduction of religious teaching at school, and it has its representatives in the Republic Broadcasting Agency. The Serbian Orthodox Church belongs to circle of conservative societies, it is traditionally fused with the state government and it spent ages praying for the emperor, and obeying the Emperor. Accordingly the Serbian Orthodox Church does not have a single answer to the global-scale contemporary problems which it can provide as an official church. The Serbian Orthodox Church, that used to be reputed for ages as a poor church in terms of material resources, for the first time in its history is not poor, and is exposed to numerous financial scandals and corruption. Bourgeois political structures in Serbia accepted the Church wholeheartedly as a pillar of its power and the Church decided to play along. Today the Serbian Orthodox Church defends the quisling chetnik movement, presenting it as a victim of Communism. In 2003, the Serbian Orthodox Church canonized Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic. This canonization was carried out on the basis of a purely political principle: Nikolaj Velimirović was an ideologist of the movement of Dimitrije Ljotic who openly, with riffle in his hands, was fighting four years on the Nazi’s side in Serbia. When in April 1995 Hitler committed suicide, Velimirovic still called for the “fight against plutocratic West, Jews and masons”. His books contain the most drastic anti-Semitic references. Not only was he a chauvinist and anti-Communist but an ardent follower of Nazis as well. For instance, Nikolaj Velimirovic said the following about Hitler: “Nevertheless, we must give full credit to the present German leader who as a common craftsman and one of the ordinary people realized that the nationalism without religion is an abnormality, a cold and frail mechanism. Now in the 20th century, he came to the idea of Saint Sava, and although an amateur he undertook the most important action for a nation, an action that befits only saints, geniuses and heroes”.

    How does once ruling party – the Socialist Party of Serbia – look now? How would you describe its political course?

    In July the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) celebrated two decades of its operation. After having spent three years and a half in opposition after the fall of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, in 2004 socialists supported the minority government of Vojislav Kostunica, and after the parliamentary elections in 2008, it became part of the present government. The President of SPS is the first Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Internal Affairs, and the Party has three ministers in the government: for infrastructure, energy and mining, and education. The President of Serbia and Democratic Party Boris Tadić congratulated the Socialist Party of Serbia on “the first 20 years” and wished to this Party unlimited duration. Tadić said that the historical compromise between the Democratic Party and the Socialist Party of Serbia rests at his agreement with the SPS leader Ivica Dačić in regard of Serbia’a membership in the European Union. SKOJ does not approve the political agenda that SPS has been pursuing since it joined the government formed by the pro-imperialist parties headed by the Democratic Party. At the moment SKOJ does not make any essential difference between the activities of the Socialist Party of Serbia and pro-imperialist parties headed by the Democratic Party.

    Relations between Serbia and Russia?
    Since 1948 and the clash between Tito and Staljin, constant reminding about the threat of so-called Soviet occupation was in full force. Such a politics was further continued by the pro-imperialist opposition from the 1990s, i.e. current government which is entirely West-oriented. Nevertheless, people believe that the positive changes in Russia will lead to changes in Serbia which will radically transform the present situation.

    Can you extend some wishes to the Russian young communists?

    Dear comrades, on behalf of the League of the Communist Yugoslav Youth – SKOJ, I wish to extend combative, revolutionary greetings and best wishes for new victories. The temporary collapse of socialism in Europe in the 1990s for a moment stopped the progress of our planet; however, thanks to the communists from all over the world and socialist countries, the success of the capitalist globalization was only temporary. We are convinced that that the wild anticommunism will not terminate our struggle for socialism, but, on the contrary, will only help us unite even more and lead us to the final victory.

    Original on Russian

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