October 2nd: All Out for Jobs, Education, Peace and Equality!

The following statement is from the Network to Fight for Economic Justice (NFEJ):

October 2nd, 2010, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

The Network to Fight for Economic Justice (NFEJ) is calling on all affiliates and supporters to rally for Jobs, Education, Peace and Equality, on October 2nd in Washington D.C. Initiated by the NAACP and labor unions, along with hundreds of progressive organizations, this rally promises to be powerful. The NFEJ is an endorser and is calling upon our members and affiliates to promote and mobilize our unions, community groups, poor people’s organizations, and student groups. We want to build our own movement that brings real change to the society we live in.

As the official unemployment hovers around 10% and the economy continues to be stagnant, we working people are growing more frustrated. This rally is the place for us to express that. It is a fact that African-American, Chicano/Mexicano, Puerto Rican, Native-American, and other oppressed communities are hit harder by the economic crisis — the real rates of unemployment are much higher than what the newspapers report. This rally is the place for us to expose that. We witnessed the U.S. government bail out banks and big Wall Street firms, while the politicians fought over whether to extend unemployment benefits for us. This rally is the place to voice our anger. The money for economic stimulus spending is running out, as the economy remains stagnant. In response, state and local governments are slashing budget and pushing the burden of the crisis on to our backs. More government cutbacks are planned which will create higher unemployment, rising education costs, and threaten our unemployment benefits. This rally is the place for us to demand the rich pay for the crisis they caused.

In D.C., we need to come together to demand concessions from the politicians and their wealthy backers. We need to demand jobs or income now! We demand full funding for public education and an end to privatization and cuts! We demand equality for all, including undocumented immigrants who pay their fair share but are cut out of the benefits — the new form of taxation without representation. We demand money for housing, not for wars and occupations.

We are coming together to build a movement. We have the power in our hands. We can organize an upsurge to make the changes we want. United in struggle, the African-American, Labor, and progressive movements provide a powerful alternative to the far right, corporate-funded Tea Party. There is new motion arising in America that extends beyond elections and politicians. We can force politicians who represent the rich and powerful to respond to a people’s agenda. It is time we show the world there is a movement for change in America. 

For more information about the October 2nd rally at the Lincoln Memorial, go to One Nation Working Together at: http://www.onenationworkingtogether.org/content/main

Find the Network to Fight for Economic Justice and write an email to affiliate at www.nfej.org

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