Video: Report back from CPGB-ML delegation to Democratic Korea

For more info see the website of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

5 responses to “Video: Report back from CPGB-ML delegation to Democratic Korea

  1. Thank you for this insight into your experiences in the DPRK.Most refreshing to hear something not poisoned by the vitriol of western propaganda.I wish you and the CPGB[ML]sucsess and good fortune…

  2. Thank for the report. It’s always good to hear truth. I got a charge out of the comment asking how many of us have worked at organizing. I’m working at organizing in Oklahoma USA. Oklahoma a State of the Union with the lowest ratings in health, education, and welfare, and arch US style conservative right wing. I relate somewhat to the difficulty of organizing. None the less, here we are, and we will organize.

  3. Michael Vaughn

    I agree with a lot of what I read when it comes to communism, but when it comes to North Korea I have some serious concerns…

    Why do they pass leadership down to the sons as if it’s a monarchy? First it was Kim Il Sung, now Kim Jong Il, and then it will be Kim Jong Un… Shouldn’t there be a vote on who’s the leader? Also, it seems like they won’t let their people travel or leave if they want… why not? Shouldn’t that be up to the individual?

  4. Michael Vaughn

    I don’t mean to sound so sure of myself or negative, but those things do concern me. You said they voted for Kim Jong Il and that may be so… it does seem suspicious though. I would also like to know how much debate and discussion truly goes on in these matters.

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