On Jan. 25, 50 Cities to Protest FBI and Grand Jury Repression of Anti-War and Solidarity Activists

Protest in Chicago outside Patrick Fitzgerald's office

From the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, StopFBI.net

Tom Burke of the National Committee to Stop FBI Repression said, “Today there will be protests, meeting and rallies in solidarity with activists standing up against the political repression in fifty cities in the U.S. and internationally. Thousands will be standing up against the political attack being aimed at human rights, international solidarity and anti-war activists.”

Burke continued, “In the month of December, the FBI delivered grand jury subpoenas for January 25 to nine activists in Chicago. Six of these went to members of the Arab American community; the remaining three went to Palestine solidarity activists and individuals who have travelled to Palestine. These subpoenas are related to the FBI raids on seven houses and an office in September, where subpoenas were served on 14 activists in Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan.”

The subpoenaed activists said in a statement, “Those of us subpoenaed in December were ordered to appear before the grand jury on January 25th. This is the same grand jury that was impaneled by US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in order to indict people from among those whose homes and offices were raided in September. We have made our decisions to stand strong with the other 14 subpoenaed activists from Illinois, Minneapolis and Michigan. We WILL NOT take part in this fishing expedition. ”

Maureen Murphy, who was summoned to appear before the grand jury on January 25 added, “Despite this attempt to criminalize solidarity with the Palestinian people, we will continue to stand with them and work to end US aid to Israel. Those of us facing the grand jury and the movement as a whole will continue to build the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israeli apartheid and strengthen relationships between Palestinians living under occupation and their supporters here in the US.”

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One response to “On Jan. 25, 50 Cities to Protest FBI and Grand Jury Repression of Anti-War and Solidarity Activists

  1. In Britain the police take photographs of demonstrators on peaceful and legal marches.

    But it is much more sinister than this; officers of the state apparatus often become insiders and infiltrate radical groups and trade unions for the purposes of surveillance.

    Britain is a Big Brother society, check it out and via Google type in: Statewatch.

    We are not a Parliamentary “democracy”; in essence we are a Crown dictatorship, the role of the state apparatus is to protect the interests of the rich and the global monopoly corporations.

    Our economy is saturated with global monopoly corporations and cheap and violent US films and shows dominate our broadcast media.

    We have millions of poorer people unemployed and scratching out a living on state benefits, with the prospects of another half a million people joining the “dole queues” as the big business Government aims to cut £81 billion from the funding of the public sector.

    In many parts of Britain we have ghost towns, which were previously in the 1960’s and 1970’s hives of industry with full employment.

    Now in many towns we have shopping centres where half the shops are closed and most of the rest are charity shops, parasitical gambling dens and pubs/clubs. Beggars with their dogs and blankets stalk the streets in even the smaller towns.

    You are doing an excellent job in the US exposing the unconstitutional spying activities of the FBI and other state agencies.

    We are struggling hard in Britain for democratic and political change in favour of socialism. We cannot compete with the corporate media and the counter revolutionary and lying BBC at present, but we have a growing and vibrant left press, including the daily Morning Star, active trade unions and left parties and active, campaigning groups such as : CND, Stop the War, the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, international friendship bodies and many groups campaigning against poverty and for human rights.

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