David Rovics: Comrades Come Rally!

David Rovics dedicates The Internationale, the anthem of the international working class, to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, targets of recent FBI attacks, including infiltration, raids, and an ongoing Grand Jury investigation. For more info on the broad push-back to this McCarthyite witch hunt, see StopFBI.net

2 responses to “David Rovics: Comrades Come Rally!

  1. Here is a report of more FBI antics here in Memphis, at a gathering in response to their previous abuses:


  2. Good for David Rovics!
    He is making up for is anti-Communist “Vanguard Song” where he attacks the whole Left. To be fair, he also has an hilarious song called “I’m a better Anarchist than You” where he pokes fun of anarchists.

    With all joking aside, this song is a good example of true solidarity!

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