Fidel Castro: NATO’s plan is to occupy Libya

The following is from the Cuban paper, Granma International:

Oil became the principal wealth in the hands of the large yankee transnationals; with that source of energy, they had at their disposal an instrument that considerably increased their political power in the world. It was their principal weapon when they decided to simply liquidate the Cuban Revolution as soon as the first, just and sovereign laws were enacted in our homeland: by depriving it of oil.

Current civilization was developed on the basis of this source of energy. Of the nations in this hemisphere it was Venezuela which paid the highest price. The United States made itself the owner of the vast oilfields which nature endowed upon that sister nation.

At the end of the last World War it began to extract large volumes from oilfields in Iran, as well as those of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the Arab countries located around them. These came to be the principal suppliers. World consumption rose progressively to the fabulous figure of approximately 80 million barrels per day, including those pumped in U.S. territory, to which gas, hydraulic and nuclear energy were subsequently added. Up until the beginning of the 20th century coal was the fundamental source of energy that made possible industrial development, before billions of automobiles and engines consuming combustible liquid were produced.

The squandering of oil and gas is associated with one of the greatest tragedies, totally unresolved, being endured by humanity: climate change.

When our Revolution arose, Algeria, Libya and Egypt were not as yet oil producers and a large part of the substantial reserves of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and the United Arab Emirates were still to be discovered.

In December of 1951, Libya became the first African country to attain its independence after World War II, during which its territory was the scene of significant battles between German and British troops, bringing fame to Generals Erwin Rommel and Bernard. L. Montgomery.

Total desert covers 95% of its territory. Technology made it possible to find significant fields of excellent quality light oil, currently providing 800 billion barrels per day, and abundant natural gas deposits. Such wealth allowed it to achieve a life expectancy rate of close to 75 years and the highest per capita income in Africa. Its harsh desert is located above an enormous lake of fossil water, equivalent to more than three times the land surface of Cuba, which has made it possible to construct a broad network of fresh water pipes which extends throughout the country.

Libya, which had one million inhabitants upon attaining its independence, now has a population of more than six million.

The Libyan Revolution took place in September 1969. Its principal leader was Muammar al-Gaddafi, a soldier of Bedouin origin who was inspired in his early youth by the ideas of the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser. Without any doubt, many of his decisions are associated with the changes that came about when, as in Egypt, a weak and corrupt monarchy was overthrown in Libya.

The inhabitants of that country have age-old warrior traditions. It is said that the ancient Libyans formed part of Hannibal’s army when he was at the point of liquidating Ancient Rome with the force that crossed the Alps.

One can be in agreement with Gaddafi or not. The world has been invaded with all kind of news, especially through the mass media. We shall have to wait the time needed to discover precisely how much is truth or lies, or a mix of the events, of all kinds, which, in the midst of chaos, have been taking place in Libya. What is absolutely evident to me is that the government of the United States is totally unconcerned about peace in Libya and will not hesitate to give NATO the order to invade that rich country, possibly in a matter of hours or a few days.

Those who, with perfidious intentions, invented the lie that Gaddafi was headed for Venezuela, as they did yesterday afternoon Sunday, February 20, today received a worthy response from Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs, when he stated textually that he was “voting for the Libyan people, in the exercise of their sovereignty, to find a peaceful solution to their difficulties which will preserve the integrity of the Libyan people and nation, without the interference of imperialism…”

For my part, I cannot imagine the Libyan leader abandoning the country, eluding the responsibilities attributed to him, whether or not this news is partly or totally false.

An honest person will always be against any injustice committed against any nation of the world, and the worst injustice, at this moment, would be to remain silent in the face of the crime that NATO is preparing to commit against the Libyan people.

The chief of that military organization is being urged to do so. This must be condemned!


Fidel Castro Ruz
February 21, 2011
10:14 p.m.



7 responses to “Fidel Castro: NATO’s plan is to occupy Libya

  1. Luis Lazaro Tijerina

    When we analyze the revolutionary movement in Libya, we should be careful not to be like the majority of American academicians, American television pundits, or the politicians within the Democratic or Republican parties. It is their weakness, if one can call it that, to explore or define a ‘political crises’ from a position of vulgar abstraction notions,
    from a subjective romanticism of abstract rights, not from a historical revolutionary position. They are afraid of history, if it does not suit their economic interests, and that is where the military option comes into play. In America, many of us forget what happen to the tragic dismemberment of Yugoslavia which was engineered by the Clinton regime along with certain NATO allies. Then there was the viscous violence that took place in Romania which to some extent resembles what is happening in Libya. However the double standard behavior of Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to pick and choose who they will support during the fall of the various regimes in the Middle East and Arabia does not mean that the United States will not suffer its own dismemberment in the future. It is interesting how capitalist democracies have such short memories when it comes to to the dialectal process of history. The Untied States forgets that when it was laughing at the collapse of the Soviet Union as well as the breaking apart of the Warsaw Pact, that in fact, history can repeat itself, but this time for the Untied States it is farce and not a tragedy. If NATO invades Libya, then a tinder box of historical magnitude, like an earthquake that surprises those asleep, will reap havoc across Middle Eastern nation-states and Arabia.

    Luis Lazaro Tijerina
    Burlington, Vermont

  2. Peace On Earth Now, Manchester England have e.mailed details of the article by Comrade Fidel Castro which appeared in “Granma International” on 21/2/2011, and on your web site on 22/2/2011.

    In agreement with Fidel’s comments; we e.mailed details to dozens of progressive organisations, leading individuals, British communist parties , trade unions and peace groups in Britain.

    We also e.mailed Communist and Workers Parties globally.

    Keep up the excellent anti Yankee, anti NATO, anti imperialist work comrades.

    Yours Fraternally,

    Comrade Mervyn Drage.

  3. Can I publish this in my column “Quidnunc’s Neighbor” in the Leyte Samar Daily Express, a daily newspaper in Eastern Visayas, Philippines? Thanks a million!

  4. I don’t hold any copyrights or anything like that. I merely repost them for educational purposes based on my understanding of the U.S. fair use law.

  5. The fighting in libya began because ‘the libyan oppositioin’ funded and trained by the yankees since 1981 attacked the libyan peoples army which protects Libya and the standards of life gaurenteed by Gaddaf’s regiem. the fighting made young libyans think gaddafi was a dictator and they joined the libyan opposition opposition in protest to bring down gaddafi. they did this to imitate tunisia and egypt but the libyan opposition is like the pro mabarak supporters, the mercenaries from chad will be proven to be yankee hired mercenaries, just like they sabotaged the independence of Zaire by assasinating its liberator and bribbing a mercenary with 30$ billon to start the civil war and maintain imperialism, they are doing it again today in Libya. Cuba came to Angolas aid to prevent the yankee suppression of their indepenence, yankee imperialism was defeated by cuban internationalism, now we are going to be like cubans until Libya is safe!

    We call on all Tunisians and Egyptians to take to the streets again!
    this time they are defending the revolution by demanding an end to protests in libya to prevent a civil war, Yankee invasion and the suppression of the middle eastern revolution!

    all other arab revolutions must change their current revolutionary demands which call to overthrowthe dictators. we must change tactics because the dictators are not budging, they are waiting for a Libyan civil war and yankee imperilaism to save them. the protests mst stop in Libya to prevent a civil war and prepare to unite with Tunisia and Egypt, the formation of workers councils in egypt and tunisia and the take over of the economy by the commune in all three countries.a civil war would lead to yankee invasion and destroy the potental for revolution throughout the middle eastLibya, Tunisia and Egypt must unite before the a civil war starts or else the counter revolution may be victorious.Viva Libya! Viva Gaddaf who preserved Socialism in Libya and promoted african and latin american anti imperialist internatioalism.

    after the union is created, the jasmin revolutions will all simoltaneusly begin again but will quickly overcome their governments and join the union. Then Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Burkina-Faso, Ivory Coast, Belarus, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Mongolia will all join refoming the soviet union. all these countries have a workers party in control of the country.Then all countries will be drawn in together within one year and imperialism will be fully defeated.

  6. the Islamic peoples are in revolution against the economic results of the collapse of the free market, which is causing unrest everywhere else in the world aswell, combined with the corrupted political institutions, which cooperated with Yankee imperialism over the last period, resulting in the political and economic decay of the whole region.

    the collapse of the socialist block led to the social, cultural and scientific degeneration of the former socialist states.having no other options other than to trade with america, finance capital seeped in and caused corruption, and lead to debt, unemployment and crisis. Libya is a remnant of the socialist block and Gaddafi upholds socialism to this day, thus the people of Libya have the best living standards in Africa.’democratic freedom’ which allows free competition between different parties representing different class interests will inevitably sink into corruption in this age of the complete domination of the yankees over the free market and no soviet union, socialist block or even communist international, thus to preserve socialism one coherent party is neccisary.
    Libya is the Cuba of Africa, the protests against the government were not caused by dissatisfaction with Libyan politics and economics, and preference for another system, because no such system exists in the present in Europe or the middle east.

    they were caused by dis-satisfaction with life in general, which is caused exclusively by decay of imperialism, whose spread was faccilitated by the puppets of imperialism like mubarak, but which leads to the social decay of remnants of the socialist block aswell

    the protesters wished if they joined Tunisia and Egypt along with Algeria, Iran and the whole middle east, they could wipe out dictators throughout the region. they mistook Gaddafil for a dictator who uses revolutionary frazes like the Iranian regime does. Gaddafi preserved socialism in Libya, he is a pure revolutionary colonel like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

    The protesters are unwillingly serving the interests of Yankee imperialism, the imperialist know the army wont go over to the protesters, because the army knows the end of socialism will lead to decay. that is why the Yankees said gaddaffi had fled to Venezuelan. firstly to make the protesters keep on fighting, keep on dying and thus giving the US an excuse to invade, destroy socialism in Libya, hang Gaddafi and then set about sabotaging the revolution throughout the middle east.

    the second reason is to confuse Libyans about who their allies are, they want to paint Venezuelan as pro dictatorship and the Yankees as pro democracy, which would generate support among the Libyans for a yankee invasion.

    this is why the ambassador quit the government, he wants people to think there is no point in discussions any more, he wants people to think Gadaffi has gone mad, this is all part of their sinister plot to encourage the confused protesters to the point of civil war.

    the revolution came quickly, now it must be admitted it has crossed over just as quickly into counter revolution against Libya.The way forward for the revolution is to demand Egypt and Tunisia join Libya in a united republic of Islamic peoples, under the rule of the workers councils, if this were to occur now, Gaddafi’s use of force to preserve the one model for revolution in the region, would be justified, this is the only way to prevent a civil war/counter revolution in Libya and at the same time the only way to sweep away all dictators in the region and develop the revolution to the next level. this will spark the world revolution which will unite all oppressed people of the world into a reformed soviet union to defeat imperialism.

    the revolution all countries in the middle east must be directed towards joining Libya in a united socialist republic of Islamic peoples.

    these are the demands to prevent the civil war and take the revolution to the next step.
    Gadaffi has promised allow a rearrangement of the Revolutionary Committees give more money to the people through the committees

    to this list must be added

    3. purge all members of the government and leaders of the committees who do not approve of the following demands

    4.demand that Tunisia, Libya and Egypt form a United Republic of Islamic peoples under the control of committees. the army in control of Egypt and Tunisia must thus unite all workers and unemployed into a nation wide proletarian commune (revolutionary committees)

    5. Demand that all banks, means of production and land be nationalized into the hands of the commune (communized) throughout the republic

    6. Unite this union with Cuba and Venezuela, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique and Namibia which all have a form of commune in power, due to their struggle against imperialism over the last century, reforming the soviet union.

    7. invite all countries to move towards joining this union to escape from the collapse of the free market system, which is in decay due to american imperialism. this will sweep away all pro-imperialist dictators in the immediate region: it is the only way to develop the revolutions to the next level.

    8. no country can escape the economic and political decay of imperialism, countries which were more shielded from this decay are better off. ie. China, Cuba, Vietnam and Libya itself.

    9.the governments of Egypt and Tunisia supported imperialism this allowed the army to chose to support the protesters over the government. the Libyian government tried to stand against imperialism by choosing to help the people instead of the american capitalists, as a result Libya has the highest HDI in Africa and the fourth highest GDP (PPP) per capita in Africa as of 2009. thus the army will not support protest against the government unless there is a better alternative.

    10. a new book will be made, free for the people to explain the current political and economic situation. the book will be secular and explain science.
    it will explain history by showing how the Islamic people were colonized by the holy roman empire which was the next form to emerge after the roman slave empire in the line of development of slave driving imperialist societies. later islamic peoples were colonized by the british and french who divided the whole world between eachother by 1880.WW1 and WW2 were fought for the redivision of these empires between the ‘great powers’: USA, Japan, Germany, France, Britain and Russia. after WW2 the british and french lost their empires to the yankees. many colonial countries in asia, latin america and africa achieved independence from european and yankee colonialism and joined the socialist block with the USSR. but the rich bureaucrats in the USSR profited off the growth of the socialist block, leading the the collapse of the soviet union itself and the end of the socialist block along with it. over that time capitalism was decay and socialism was growth, it was this unity which held the world up, but the powerful decay of capitalism led to the collapse of the socialist block.
    today 1% of the world’s population owns ‘too much’ to allow growth: 50% of all the world’s wealth, 50% of the population has too little: 1% of all the world’s wealth, this is because the Americans control everything, sell to everyone and make everyone go into debt to them, poverty is harmful to growth, this proves that capitalism in this age has become decay. in its rise it used slavery and colonialism to industrialize, now the the decedents of all slaves , the workers, will take back everything their ancestors created while being exploited, murded and molested by slave owners.
    today there are only remnants of the socialist block left, if the socialist block couldnt survive the decay of capitalism, then china wont either, it wont be able to keep holding up the word economy for long and it will soon collapse along with the rest of the free market.
    some remnants have decayed economically (cuba) while some have grown (veitnam, Angola), some have decayed politically (china) some have preserved true socialism (cuba). Libya’s political contradiction is the same suffered by all these remnants of socialism, all must be re sparked with the communist ideology and unite to offer an life boat for all oppressed peoples of the world desperate to escape the all pervasive decay of the free market.

  7. many communist organizations (IMT and WSWS and the commitee for the Vth international are anti gaddafi and are helping the yankees in their counter revolutionary aims.

    Please join the movement against this grain, to reverse the deceitful trap lain to crush the world revolution

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