FRSO Statement: No War Against Libya!

The following statement from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization is being reposted here from Fight Back! News:

Following a UN Security Council vote on the evening of March 17, an attack on Libya is imminent. The United States, Britain and France are expected to begin air strikes in a matter of days or even hours. All people of conscience should stand firmly against this act of war.

Just as in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, this war will be waged under the pretense of humanitarian intervention. But just as in Iraq and Afghanistan, military intervention by the U.S. and its allies will be done for the benefit of the rich and powerful at the expense of working and oppressed people both here and in Libya. Countless civilians will die as a result of these attacks and countless dollars will be taken from over-stretched budgets and social programs to fund a new war. The lessons of history are clear in showing us that the outcome of the war, if the U.S., Britain and France have their way, will be in favor of the interests of the rich, not in favor of democracy and self-determination for the people of Libya.

Since day one of the crisis in Libya, the corporate media has been in motion, preparing public opinion for war with Libya. Likewise, since the beginning of the crisis, the western, imperialist powers have been maneuvering militarily to take advantage of the situation. Meanwhile, it is clear that the rebels in Libya are not of one mind. Some of their leaders are tied to the old CIA-funded National Front for the Salvation of Libya, which would like to see Libya’s oil industry completely privatized, meaning an end to the current free health care and free education programs enjoyed by the Libyan people. Some are monarchists and others who wish to turn back the clock on Libyan social progress. Undoubtedly, war with Libya will mean the most reactionary forces among the rebels coming to power if Gaddafi’s government is defeated by the guns and bombs of the west. Progressive people in the Middle East and around the world want an independent Libya, not a new puppet government like those that exist under occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.

The patriotic people of Libya will resist this war by any means necessary. We in the Freedom Road Socialist Organization intend to do our part to show them solidarity. This means, first and foremost, firmly standing against U.S. intervention. We will organize and join rallies, demonstrations and other mass actions in the coming days to make sure that it is heard loud and clear:

No War Against Libya!


6 responses to “FRSO Statement: No War Against Libya!



  2. The no-fly zone is another example of American imperialism.They don’t give a shit about the people of Libya. all they wanted is the rich Liyban oil. Once gadaffi was overthrown, there won’t be a democaracy. Whenever the US intervenes to overthrow a government, an puppent reactionary govenment will be installed that does not give a shit about the people. It will be a puppet of the imperialist, globalist and the New World order. Ifeel sorry for the Libyan people for trading their rights of freedom and economic developement to live under a neoimperialist government with a false illusion of freedom.

  3. Luis Lazaro Tijerina

    The great and tragic echoes of the Spanish Civil War resound over Libya. Two political forces are emerging in Libya that will decide the historical mandate of the National Libyan liberation movement and its internal welfare for years to come. On one side there is the Gaddafi’s government which has revealed profound contradictions with its relationship to the Libyan people. Over the years it has given the Libyan people socialistic benefits regarding public education and health care that the majority of people have had access to regardless of their class origins. Yet, an autocratic and dogmatic behavior has also existed within the government that has come to resemble a regime that has not allowed for active intellectual and creative forces among the Libyan proletariat that it necessary for Libya to advance as an untiring leader within the North African and Arabian community. We all know that a Pan-African movement like any other nationalistic force can, but not always, a reactionary and deferential to a continent’s various national liberation forces whose growth must be based as Stalin stated in his collected essays, “Marxist & The National & Colonial Question”, “on the basis of mutual confidence and voluntary agreement” while at the same time being aware that “… the necessity for a stubborn, incessant and determined struggle against the Great-Power chauvinism of the “Socialists” of the dominant nations…. who do not want to fight their own imperialist governments, who do not want to support the struggle of the oppressed peoples in “their “ colonies for emancipation from oppression and for political secession”. These political contradictions is a matter that the Left in the United States should not ignore if it does not want to fall into the trap of an infantile behavior concerning its perceptions of the historical process that is emerging in the days and years to come in Libya’s struggle for national self-determination with the process to socialist democracy. The battle for secession against Western domination from U.S. transnationals and neo-liberals with their bourgeois call for Western-style “democracy “which is a coded term for capitalist neo-colonialism that they desire to be as an iron yoke upon the North African and Arab nation-states is something that must be understood, studied, unveiled, and finally exposed among those “rebels” in the enclave and stronghold in the eastern city of Benghazi. There are many political forces there that would prefer a Libyan capitalistic nation-state, while there are others who are nostalgic for the monarchist past, and still other sectarian Libyan elements that harbor a fascist Libyan nationalistic ideology. However, and this is a crucial, there are Libyan proletarian elements on both sides, in Tripoli and Benghazi, that want their country, Libya, to be emancipated from outside imperial powers who would force their political and social capitalist hegemony on the internal affairs of the Libyan state. Hence, what is emerging within the Libyan Civil War is analogous to the deeper political and ideological rifts that emerged through the two to three years of the Spanish Civil War. On one hand there were the Republican forces who had a harden Republican Army, but which was constantly hampered by the sectarian splits within the Republican governmental forces in Madrid, not to mention the various anarchists, the “Socialists” political and military contingencies, as well as the political battles that emerged among the various Marxist organizations within the military forces of the International Brigades. It was Franco with his Loyalist professional Army and Moorish mercenary forces who was able to capitalize on the Republican intransigent behavior in Madrid and Barcelona that paved the way for fascism rule in Spain. The military brilliance of the chief-of-Staff Vicente Rojo Lluch, even with his subtle but firm leadership on the battlefield, was not able to overcome political reactionary character within the national Republican leadership. In Libya, within the city of Benghazi, the provisional leadership has the choice to create their own iron-will revolutionary movement or to succumb to the overall designs of the Western imperial powers who will attempt to control or eliminate the progressive forces in Benghazi.
    There is an emerging Axis of Western imperialism that is not dissembler, but not exactly the same, as the Axis powers of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and imperialist Japan before World War II. This emerging and lethal Axis is composed of the United States, Great Britain, and France, with the adventurous French President, Sarkozy, making the first strike with French jet fighter aircraft attacking a contingent of tanks and armored personal carriers on the outskirts of Benghazi. Later on March 19th, one hundred and ten Tomakawk cruise missiles were launched by U.S. naval forces against Libyan air-defense systems as well as specific headquarter military command centers in and around Tripoli. All of these military measures in essence are an act of war by the Axis powers of the United States, Great Britain, and France What should be studied and watched carefully is the politically measured “abstention vote” by Russia, China, Germany, Brazil, and India, these being the great countries that did not condone the United Nation’s 1973 Resolution to protect Libyan civilians from being attacked by Gaddafi’s military air and ground forces. It should be remembered, that there were those who did not take a decisive side during the great event of the Spanish Civil War and thereby became victims themselves of European fascist armies. Here, it should be understood that the U.S.S. R. did provide a cadre of Soviet military advisers and limited military hardware to the Republican forces, but Stalin was a skilled statesman and shrewd enough to know that the revolutionary Spanish leadership was not of a complete revolutionary character, and therefore he stood on the side of caution. On the other hand, Franco had substantial fighter bomber and Nazi ground force support from Hitler. It remains to be seen what kind of material and military manpower support that Gaddafi will receive from the various nation-states within North Africa or beyond, including perhaps at best political support from some nation-states in Latin America. What will happen once the United States attempts to create a large naval and air force base in the Southern Mediterranean hemisphere? Who will challenge a possible American military fey decompile that will be capable of eroding the revolutionary force that is growing in all of the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula? Self-determination for the people of Libya may be a long, protracted People’s War. What happen in the Spanish Civil War does not have to be a template for what will happen in Libya, but then do nation-states actually learn from the past mistakes of history? What is certain is that both the West and East political powers know full well that this is not a black and white issue regarding the stability of Libya’s internal affairs, but the gray colored issue of war and peace.

  4. I don’t understand why people view this as an action by the United States. This is first and foremost a French military action. That being said the United Nations vote was 10-0 with 5 abstaining, the need was clear. Signs like “US hands off Arab Reform” betray the individuals ignorance. We had no intention of getting involved and gave the Libyan military many days to cease fire and stop killing the innocent civilians.

    In the end France, again FRANCE, not the United States had enough and launched attacks on the Libyan Military to prevent them from killing civilians. After France had taken the first step other nations stepped up, to include multiple Arab nations. These countries are also acting at the explicit REQUEST and with the explicit PERMISSION of the people of Libya AND the Arab League AND the GCC.

    Anyone that tries to draw similarities between this French started, Arab nation requested, defense of civilians at the request of the people of Libya and the Iraq War are just ignorant and should wait for something real to protest. There is nothing here to get your panties in a bunch about.

  5. According to Al-Jazeera:

    “The allies flew 175 sorties in 24 hours, and the US flew 113 of those, a US commander said.”

    Meanwhile, the U.S. remains in overall command of the operation.

    In addition to the sorties by combat aircraft, Libya has been subjected to hundreds of missile attacks. Almost all the missile attacks are with American made Tomahawk cruise missiles. The great majority of those have also been launched by the United States.

    The original UN resolution called for a no-fly zone. The United States amended the resolution to allow generalized bombing of Libya. The Guardian reports:

    The US is pushing the UN to authorise not just a no-fly zone over Libya, but also the use of air strikes to stop the advance of forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi.

    Washington’s ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, said on Wednesday that a no-fly zone would have only a limited use, and that the Obama administration was working “very hard” to pass a new resolution, which would authorise the use of aerial bombing of Libyan tanks and heavy artillery.

    The Arab League originally called for a no fly zone over Libya. However, they are not happy with what has actually been done, which goes well beyond a no fly zone. Thus:

    “Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa said Sunday that the airstrikes on Libya may have gone beyond their intended scope and were possibly endangering Libyan civilians further.”

    In short, Will, your comment reflects only the lying U.S. narrative of the war on Libya — that it is humanitarian; that the Arabs demanded it; that the U.S. plays only a minor role in it. Your comment ignores and hides the reality that this is merely the latest war of colonial conquest. It is the new Iraq, pure and simple.

  6. It is very interested to read Professor Toad’s answer to Will’s comment; especially at the ending paragraph: “… this is merely the latest war of colonial conquest. It is the new Iraq, pure and simple.”

    Another lesson for us in Indonesia (capital: Jakarta). That since 1965 our country (when Communist Party of Indonesia was destructed by the aid of CIA; then they used the code Jakarta is Drawing Near in military operation to help Pinochet to overthrew Allende in Chile 1973) was allied or in another words very closed to Western World [read: United States]) until today–with the main result: weak state and poor country. And today many Indonesian peoples ask the similar question as what Will ask: why you so angry to US?

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