Cde. Keith Bennett on Syria

In the following video, Comrade Keith Bennett of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) addresses the may meeting of the Stalin Society. He outlines the imperialist campaign of destabilization facing the Syrian government, the fundamentally progressive nature of the Syrian government, as well as the problems that US/UK sponsored ‘opposition’ forces seek to exploit with MI6 and CIA help to foment regime change.

2 responses to “Cde. Keith Bennett on Syria

  1. Comrade Keith Bennett describes the steps taken by imperialist fascist WESTERN FOURTH REICH against targeted countries very well.

    These steps – the “cynical scenario” – follow a script, written by CIA and MOSSAD. The procedures are always the same. We can see it in LIBYA – SYRIA – also in VENEZUELA.

    Thank you for showing this video. I will show it in the PRAVDA FORUM as well.

  2. Here an analyse about Syria “from the inside”, the Syrian Communist Party:

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