Comrade Alfonso Cano, Presente!

The following article about the death of FARC-EP leader Alfonso Cano is reprinted here from Xinhua:

BOGOTA, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) — The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) said Saturday that despite the death of its top leader Alfonso Cano it would continue its guerrilla struggle and not give in to the government’s demand to surrender its weapons.

In a brief statement posted on the website of the New Colombia News Agency, the guerrilla group said that “the only reality that symbolizes the death in combat of comrade Alfonso Cano is the immortal strength of the Colombian people.”

Guillermo Leon Saenz, known within rebel ranks as “Alfonso Cano,” was killed Friday in a clash with government troops in the jungle near Suarez city in southwestern Cauca province. Two other rebels were also killed.

FARC is Colombia’s largest rebel group and has been at war with the government since its establishment in 1964. FARC’s leaders declined Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos’s offer to hand over their weapons and return to civilian life.

“Peace in Colombia will not be born in any guerrilla demobilization, but in the abolition of the causes that give rise to the uprising,” said the statement, which closed with a tribute to Cano.

The statement did not name Cano’s successor. According to intelligence information, the two most likely candidates are Luciano Marin, also known as “Ivan Marquez,” and Rodrigo Londono, also known as “Timoleon Jimenez.”

Cano, 63, became the leader of the illegal armed organization in 2008 after the death of FARC’s commander and founder Pedro Nel Marin.

One response to “Comrade Alfonso Cano, Presente!

  1. we pay tribute to martyred Comrade Alfonso Cano and his great struggle, long live class struggle and national liberation movements across the globe!

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