Syrian Communist Party (Unified) Denounces U.S. Interference in Syria’s Internal Affairs

The following is being reposted here form the Syrian Arab News Agency:

DAMASCUS, – The Syrian Communist Party (Unified) on Wednesday denounced the United States’ prompting armed groups to continue committing murders and not surrender their weapons after the amnesty announced by the government for those who turn in their weapons to the Syria authorities as long as they haven’t committed murder.

In a statement, the party said that the inflammatory US stance reaffirms the US administration’s involvement in the events taking place in Syria.

The statement also underlined the importance of the agreement between the Syrian government and the Arab initiative, saying that this inspired optimism among Syrians since it allows for adopting dialogue a political solution and restoring stability and calm to areas witnessing violence.

The party affirmed that the biggest hurdle before the implementation of the agreement is the stances of the armed group that reject dialogue entirely and the opposition abroad which promotes foreign interference, while Syrian national opposition welcomed the idea of dialogue.

The statement concluded by affirming that the party and the Syrian people support any Arab effort that stops bloodshed and consecrates the principle of national dialogue, affirming that the Syrian people will confront any attempt at foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

H. Sabbagh

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