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War Resister and Veteran Matthis Chiroux: The nightmare will end when we wake up!

Click the photo to watch a video of the event.

The following is from Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) member Matthis Chiroux:

Hi folks. Writing to share the piece I wrote this weekend regarding my speech and arrest at the whitehouse last Saturday. During the course of my speech, myself and others burnt an American flag. We knew it’d be a likely contreversial decision, and hope what I wrote will help folks understand why symbols like this are imporant to achieving our goals. I’m happy to engage in dialogue with anyone regarding this action and hope this note finds you all well and open minded. Thanks for all the support and it was great to see so many of you this past weekend.

Peace and Solidarity,

P.s. feel free to share and republish

The nightmare will end when we wake up!

Another year another peace rally. The wars rage on, and the struggle continues. Like at all the others, I felt inwardly horrified. A billion wailing voices echoed in my mind.

On we go with this tragedy of intention and this comedy of errors while the bodies pile higher. I long to take the needle off this skipping record and rest it on my broken heart. There alone can truth be sourced. A mind is too easily corrupted.

For so long I have suffered from “truths” that weren’t my own. I listened to them and repeated them, like Santa, my orders or television. I’ve been searching all my life for the courage to express myself without fear, shame or compromise; to deliver a pure message on where I stand and how I feel. It was in this spirit Elaine Brower, Robyn Murray and I sparked a light we hope may grow to illuminate struggle yet unseen.

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Thousands rally in D.C. to protest occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq

About one hundred students joined the contingent of Students for a Democratic Society. Chapters from Washington D.C., Rochester, NY, Chapel Hill, NC, Asheville, NC, Gainesville, FL, and other cities participated in the contingent.

The following article from Fight Back! News is by Kosta Harlan. The photos are from the related Fight Back! photo essay.

Washington, D.C. – About ten thousand demonstrators filled Lafayette Park across from the White House to demand an end to the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. March 20 marked the seventh anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, while the occupation of Afghanistan is now in its eighth year. A broad range of organizations mobilized for the demonstration, organized by the International ANSWER coalition. Military veterans, student groups, trade unions, Arab American organizations, church congregations, and many other groups brought thousands of people into D.C. for the rally. 

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On 6th Anniversary of Iraq War More than 10,000 march on Pentagon

The following is from A.N.S.W.E.R.


A “throng of war protesters swelled Saturday as they marched across the Memorial Bridge.” (AP) The protesters marched on the Pentagon and what followed was a dramatic direct action at Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and KBR, corporations that demonstrators labeled “merchants of death.” The predominantly young crowd continued to grow as the day proceeded. They marched through the Pentagon north Parking Lot and then into downtown Crystal City, where the leading war corporations’ headquarters are located.

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Anti-war march challenges McCain on last day of RNC

Anti-war march challenges McCain on last day of RNC
Crowd repeatedly tear gassed, 396 arrested as police pull out all stops to prevent anti-war march from reaching Xcel Center

Jess Sundin of the Anti-War Committee on Day 4 of RNC, Sep 4, 2008

by Brad Sigal

St. Paul, MN – On the final day of the Republican National Convention, Sept. 4, over 1000 protesters took to the streets to deliver a strong anti-war message while John McCain was speaking. The march was initiated by the Twin Cities-based Anti-War Committee, with the theme, “No peace for the war-makers.”

Thousands of riot police repeatedly blocked the anti-war march from getting anywhere near the Xcel Center, even though there was supposed to be a ‘public viewing area’ that was to be open to any protesters until 11:00 pm each day of the RNC.

By the end of the march, hundreds of people were tear gassed and subjected to concussion grenades. 396 people were indiscriminately rounded up and arrested, including fifteen journalists. More people were arrested at this march than the rest of the Saint Paul RNC protests combined. Continue reading