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Eyes on the Rainbow: A Documentary film with Assata Shakur

The following documentary about former Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army leader, Assata Shakur, who is currently living in exile in Cuba, is in 6 parts below:

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40 Years After his Assassination, let us Live Like Fred Hampton!

Fred Hampton was only 21 when he died on December 4, 1969. In such a short time, he distinguished himself as one of the greatest fighters for African American liberation and socialist revolution in the history of the United States. He so distinguished himself that the FBI and the Chicago Police Department found it necessary to gun him down in cold blood while he slept in his bed. Looking back, 40 years later to the day, it is important for revolutionaries and Marxist-Leninists to commit themselves to fight with the energy and tenacity that he did.

Please read this statement from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization: Fred Hampton – A Fighter for Black Liberation, Revolution and Socialism

Remembering Richard Aoki

The following was first posted on the Kasama blog. Richard Aoki, who passed away Sunday at the age of 70, was an Japanese American revolutionary, former Field Marshall of the Black Panther Party, and a leader of the historic Third World Liberation Front strike at San Francisco State.  According to Diane C. Fujino’s article “The Black Liberation Movement and Japanese American Activisim: The Radical Activism of Richard Aoki and Yuri Kochiyama” (the article is in the book Afro Asia: Revolutionary Political & Cultural Connections Between African Americans & Asian Americans, edited by Fred Ho), Aoki was “in the first couple of years of the BPP…the party member most well versed in Marxist-Leninist thought.” The video is from the trailer of a documentary about his life. 

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Thirty-ninth anniversary of Fred Hampton’s assassination

The following is a documentary from 1971 called The Murder of Fred Hampton:

See the following from Freedom Road: Fred Hampton – A Fighter for Black Liberation, Revolution and Socialism

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Elaine Brown

Elaine Brown, former Chairperson of the Black Panther Party from 1974 to 1977, will speak at UNC-Asheville, hosted by UNCA SDS, on Oct. 30th. For more information see the website of UNC-Asheville Students for a Democratic Society and www.elainebrown.org.

For some context of the Black Panther Party and the larger Black liberation movement and its relationship to the Marxist-Leninist movement, I would encourage folks to read Black Like Mao.

Black Like Mao

Mao’s China, along with the Cuban Revolution and African Nationalism, internationalized the black revolution in profound ways. Mao gave black radicals a non-Western model of Marxism that placed greater emphasis on local conditions and historical circumstances than canonical texts.

A friend sent me this article by Robin D. G. Kelley and Betsy Esche, “Black Like Mao: Red China and Black Revolution” (PDF) from Souls Vol. 1 #4. It is about the influence that the Chinese Revolution and the thought of Mao Zedong had on radical African American activists, including figures like W. E. B. Du Bois, Harry Haywood, Robert Williams, the Black Panther Party, Elaine Brown, Huey P. Newton, General Baker, Nelson Perry, Amiri Baraka and others. Continue reading

Fred Hampton on Revolution and the Mass Line

Thanks to D and J for pointing me towards this excellent video where Fred Hampton, Chairman of the Chicago branch of the Black Panther Party, talks about political education, the national question, and the Mass Line. For more on the mass line and what its all about, check out Some Points on the Mass Line by Freedom Road Socialist Organization, as well as the article below.

Fred Hampton – A Fighter for Black Liberation, Revolution and Socialism

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization

“You can kill a revolutionary but you can’t kill revolution…you can jail a liberator but you can’t jail liberation.” -Fred Hampton

Fred Hampton is a hero in the struggle for Black liberation, revolution and socialism. He should be remembered and his example should be followed by all progressive and revolutionary people. Hampton was the Deputy Chairman from the Illinois branch of the Black Panther Party. He was one of the most dynamic leaders in the Black Panther Party nationally until he was cut down in cold blood by the government at the age of 21.

On Dec. 4, 1969 Fred Hampton was assassinated while sleeping in his bed by a tactical unit of the Cook County, Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office, in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Fellow Black Panther Mark Clark was also assassinated that night. The murder of Hampton and Clark was part of the FBI’s plan to disrupt and neutralize the Black liberation movement and the Black Panther Party specifically.

Despite his young age, Fred Hampton made tremendous contributions to the movement for black liberation, working class revolution and socialism in the U.S. His example still shines and inspires people fighting for change almost 40 years later.

What Did Fred Hampton Do?

Fred Hampton was born in 1948 in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in nearby Maywood. While a teenager he got involved in the NAACP and his leadership abilities quickly became clear as he led campaigns to improve services in the Black community. When the Black Panther Party became established in Illinois, Hampton joined in 1968 and became a Party leader. Continue reading