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Pakistan: Hashtnagar, a land forgotten

The following article was sent to The Marxist-Leninist by the author, Lahore based film-maker and activist Ammar Aziz:

My film thesis research has recently made me visit a piece of land that, despite its significant historical importance , has been brutally ignored in the pages of history. Surrounded by Afghan border, conservative feudal culture and tribal areas that have been in media attention in the recent past due to Taliban, that area is none other then Hashtnagar which stands as its own example in the history of class struggle in Pakistan. Consisting of a cluster of eight villages, Hashtnagar is  one of the two divisions of Charsadah district in Pakhtoon Khawah (NWFP) and is one of the province’s most fertile lands known for its sugar cane production. The element of militant armed Socialist struggle differentiates Hashtnagar from the rest of the leftist movements in Pakistan.

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Pakistan: The Baloch Question

The following article sheds some important light on events in Pakistan, and is from MR Zine:


The Baloch Question
by Umer A. Chaudhry

The brutal murder of three nationalist leaders of Balochistan and the ensuing crisis has brought the issue of the Baloch national struggle to the forefront once again, only to be met with feigned surprises and arrogant dismissals by a major part of the rest of Pakistan. We in Pakistan — and particularly those of us in Punjab — love to externalize the roots of problems that irritate our sensibility. Therefore, fingers were immediately pointed at foreign involvements, scarcely any thought given to our own attitude towards one of the largest provinces of our country. The deliberate lack of introspection combined with the respect that wild conspiracy theories continue to enjoy renders it very much necessary to take a dip into the history of Balochistan, for that is where the roots of the question lie.

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Reasons to Support China

The following videos are from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)‘s celebration of China’s National Day, part of their Hands Off China campaign. These videos feature Harpal Brar of the CPGB-ML and Taimur Rahman of Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party – Pakistan (CMKP).

[Note: more videos from this meeting have been put online since I first posted this article, and I have added them here.]

The following three videos are of Comrade Harpal Brar’s talk:

Harpal Brar of CPGB-ML: Part 1 – Reasons to support China

Harpal Brar of CPGB-ML: Part 2 – China’s Internationalism

Harpal Brar of CPGB-ML: Part 3 – Lessons in Struggle

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CMKP Lashes U.S. Gunboat Diplomacy

The following statement has been issued by the Central Secretariat of the Communist Mazdoor Kissaan Party Pakistan (Communist Workers Peasants Party – CMKP) on the American or NATO military incursions into the sovereign territory of Pakistan. I am reposting this from Red Diary.

Theory of Communism, a solution to the Capitalist system! - CMKP

Theory of Communism, a solution to the Capitalist system! - CMKP

Increasing horrendous and horrifying wanton American military intrusions into the sovereign Pakistani territory smack of imperialist gunboat diplomacy for US hegemony in the region in order to perpetuate its military occupation of Afghanistan where the NATO forces or US-led coalition soldiers have actually failed to subdue the indigenous resistance in whatever form that is another issue. The crux of the matter is foreign invasion and military occupation of Afghanistan that was an independent and sovereign country which has been enslaved by the US imperialism. Continue reading