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CP of the Philippines denounces plans to intensify U.S. intervention

The following statement is by the Communist Party of the Philippines:

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today charged the Obama regime of plotting to intensify US military intervention in the Philippines in the twilight of its puppet regime amid the highly volatile situation in the runup to the May 2010 elections. US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Garry Reid arrived Wednesday and met secretly with Department of National Defense (DND) undersecretary Antonio Romero, DND undersecretary Arturo Lumibao and other senior security and military officials of the Arroyo regime.

“US imperialism and its defense and security officials are gravely concerned with the continued growth of the Filipino people’s revolutionary armed struggle and the failure of the terminal US-designed Internal Security Operation Plan Bantay Laya to defeat or even cripple the revolutionary movement in the Philippines,” said the CPP. “The Obama administration has also become highly concerned with the volatility of the present elections in the Philippines and the possibility of recourse to military rule to support the extension of the Arroyo puppet regime and suppress the people’s resistance.”

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Ang Bayan: Let the fires of armed struggle blaze like a prairie fire across the land

The following editorial from Ang Bayan, the organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines, is from the Philippine Revolution Web Central Blogs:

Ang Bayan April 7, 2010 editorial

The New People’s Army (NPA) and all the revolutionary forces are ready, able and determined to go allout in advancing guerrilla warfare to reach the strategic stalemate in the next five years.

In heeding the call issued by the Communist Party of the Philippines’ (CPP) central leadership to further intensify tactical offensives, the NPA launched small and big tactical offensives every other day in March. Last month, Red fighters annihilated 30 armed elements of the enemy and seized at least 60 firearms. These victories added to the joyous celebration by Red fighters, Party members, the revolutionary forces and the people of the NPA 41st anniversary within and outside the guerrilla fronts.

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Philippines: 41st anniversary of the New People’s Army

The following is a significant statement from Ang Bayan, the organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines. This message from the CPP to the New People’s Army is an important development of their line of advancing the People’s War in the Philippines from the stage of strategic defensive to strategic stalemate. See also their previous statements on this question, Strive to make a great advance in the People’s War for New Democracy and Raise the Level of People’s War in the New Decade:

Advance from strategic defensive to strategic stalemate
Message to the New People’s Army from the Central Committee, Communist Party of the Philippines, March 29, 2010

On the occasion of the 41st founding anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA), we salute the Red commanders and fighters and pay our highest respects to our revolutionary martyrs and heroes. We congratulate the rank and file for the victories won in the past year and urge them on to garner further victories in the revolutionary struggle for national liberation and democracy. 

Since we announced our strategic plan to advance from the stage of strategic defensive to that of strategic stalemate in the protracted people’s war, our Party cadres and members, Red commanders and fighters, mass activists, allies and the broad masses of the people have been enthusiastically discussing the basis, political requirements and strategy and tactics for the advance. Why and how shall we succeed? 

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Philippines: successful tactical offensive carried out by New People’s Army

The following statement is from Philippine Revolution Web Central:

Five soldiers killed, two wounded in NPA tactical offensive in Burauen, Leyte

Efren Martires Command
New People’s Army-Eastern Visayas
March 23, 2010

The Efren Martires Command said today that the NPA carried out a successful tactical offensive in Brgy. Cagbana, Burauen, Leyte last March 12. “According to the report from the Mt. Amandewin Command, five soldiers were killed in action and two more wounded in action in the ambush, all of them from the 19th Infantry Battalion,” said Ka Karlos Manuel, EMC spokesperson. “The NPA was also able to confiscate two high-powered rifles. This belies the 8th Infantry Division’s claim that it was an encounter and that some Red fighters were wounded.”

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Philippines: Candidates in reactionary elections must recognize revolutionary government

The following statement by the Communist Party of the Philippines is from the website of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines:

Reacting to statements by the 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army and Eastern Samar Gov. Ben Evardone, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines – Eastern Visayas said today that there are already two governments in the country and the revolutionary movement does not simply accept bribes to let reactionary politicians win in the election.

“Perhaps Gov. Evardone is oblivious and disgruntled because he is deeply involved in the corrupt and rotten Arroyo government as well as the military,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDFP-EV spokesperson.

“But there are already two governments in the country, two different laws, two different systems of life. If the reactionaries want to campaign in the areas controlled by the revolutionary movement, they must recognize the revolutionary government. This is so because the revolutionary government is safeguarding the best interests of the people, ensuring law and order, and taking care that current programs and policies are not upset by the entrance of candidates in the reactionary election.

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Philippines: Red Army ambush is stern warning against AFP-warlords clique this election

The following statement is from Philippine Revolution Web Central:

Recent Red Army ambush vs 25th IB-AFP, stern warning against AFP-warlords clique this election

Roel Agustin II
Conrado Heredia Command
Front 20 Operations Command
New People’s Army-Southern Mindanao
March 8, 2010

The fascist troops of 25th IB-AFP have yet again incurred fresh casualties following the successful ambuscade of the New People’s Army, March 5, in Monkayo town, Compostela Valley Province.

The ambush, which lasted an hour at dawn on Friday, left four dead and many severely wounded of the 70-strong Alpha Coy of the 25th IB-AFP under 1Lt. Inocencio. Red fighters of Conrado Heredia Command-Front 20 Operations Command-NPA engaged the enemy at Purok 7, Brgy. Salvacion.

The ambushed troops were part of the Brigade-operation spread around the adjacent barangays of gold-rich Diwalwal: the Alpha and Bravo companies in Brgy. Katipanan to Brgy. Pasian and the Charlie Coy in Brgy. Diwalwal. Special Operations Team (SOTs), armed troops that capitalize on civilian population for cover, also forcibly conducted anti-revolutionary consultations and meetings among residents. Two days after the ambush, March 7, at around 2PM, elements of Bravo Coy under 2Lt. Dacayo held at gunpoint and harassed nine civilians in Km. 56, Brgy. Pasian. Farmers’ food supplies were also confiscated as food blockade were mounted in communities.

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National Democratic Front of the Philippines condemns Arroyo government for targeting children of CPP-NPA cadres

The following is from the National Democratic Front of the Philippines:

NDFP demands immediate release of Michelle Adelantar from Arroyo government custody

Spokesperson, NDFP-Eastern Visayas

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines – Eastern Visayas today demanded the immediate release from the Arroyo government’s custody of Michelle Adelantar, a daughter of a cadre of the Communist Party of the Philippines and New People’s Army.

“In violation of international humanitarian law, Michelle, 17, was abducted and detained last 3 February in San Jose de Buan, Western Samar, by operating troops from the 34th Infantry Battalion merely because she was the child of a CPP-NPA cadre,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson.

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Celebrate the 100th International Women’s Day!

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, The Marxist-Leninist is posting a number of articles throughout the month of March on women’s liberation, particularly those that deal with the question from a revolutionary communist perspective. As Women’s History Month continues, more articles will be posted on this website and they will then be collected here. For more on women’s liberation, please see the section of the Marxist-Leninist Study Guide on Proletarian Feminism and Women’s Liberation as well as the other posts on women’s liberation.

“Genuine equality between the sexes can only be realized in the process of the socialist transformation of society as a whole.” – Mao Zedong
Long Live International Women’s Day!

Comrade Shireen Abu-Oun of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Ka Joy of the New People's Army of the Philippines

Guerrilleras of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army (FARC-EP)

Women's Militia in Socialist Cuba

New People’s Army wipes out a platoon of the 23rd Division Reconnaissance Company in Mindoro

From the Communist Party of the Philippines:

AFP to suffer more losses after big defeat in Mindoro–CPP

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today lauded the New People’s Army in Mindoro for its successful tactical offensive Saturday morning that practically wiped out a platoon of fascist troops in Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro. The NPA ambushed a platoon of the 23rd Division Reconnaissance Company (DRC) resulting in the death of 11 soldiers and the wounding of eight troopers.

The number of soldiers wiped out in the Oriental Mindoro ambush was the biggest loss suffered so far by government forces this year. Since the start of this year, at least 40 AFP officers and soldiers have been killed and 43 wounded in action as the NPA stepped up its tactical offensives nationwide. The CPP has directed the NPA to launch more tactical offensives in an effort to implement its objective of reaching the strategic stalemate stage of its people’s war by mid-decade.

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Ka Mohan: photo essay

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8th) The Marxist-Leninist is posting a number of articles on Women’s Liberation. The following photo-essay features Ka Mohan, a woman fighter in the New People’s Army in  Northeastern Mindanao and is from Marco Valbuena, Media Liaison Officer of the Communist Party of the Philippines:

Celebrate the International Women’s Day with a firm resolve to fight for social change through protracted people’s war!

Ka (Comrade) Mohan is an NPA Red fighter who hails from the Manobo Tribe in Northeastern Mindanao. She is a young mother who aspire to help build a bright future for all children.

Mohan plays a part in a short play depicting the masses resistance against military abuses.

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