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Claudia Jones, Communist

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8th), The Marxist-Leninist will post a number of articles throughout the month of March dealing specifically with the issue of women’s liberation. The following article is from latest issue of the British journal, Lalkar:

Claudia Jones, communist
A presentation made to the Stalin Society by Ella Rule on 22 March 2009

Today is Mother’s Day. Claudia Jones too thought often of her mother. At a party given for her in New York, Claudia spoke about the early influences that pointed her in the direction of communism:

On this, my 37th birthday, I think of my mother. My mother, a machine worker in a garment factory, died when she was just the same age I am today – 37 years old. I think I began then to develop an understanding of the suffering of my people and my class and to look for a way to end them.”[1]

Right from the start, Claudia realised that what she and her family was suffering in New York was also being suffered by working-class people of every race and nationality, even if black people and women were often suffering more.

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Stalin Society: Ella Rule explains the truth behind the Katyn massacre

Ella Rule, a leader of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), explains the truth behind the Katyn Massacre in response to a new anti-communist film, Katyn. An interesting discussion follows. This presentation is based upon Ernie Trory’s research work and available in print and as pdf free here: http://www.stalinsociety.org.uk/katyn.html

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